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FR: The “Austrian” Hits Plunge

Posted by fredfierce on August 26, 2008

Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks”

I choose this song especially because things are becoming together. The pieces are slowly and surely coming together. The water that is my game is going to overflow and finally break through the levee. I know what it takes. When I first started going out with Dave and Jason….I could barely keep my attention on the girl and focused more on the “game” I was spitting. While I did get good reactions, I couldnt see them…I was in another world…not on the same wavelength as the chick I was talking to. We didnt click. But by each week….I’m finally seeing little things. Opportunities float away but not without notice….learning the artform of social dynamics…wondering where I went wrong and vow never to make the same mistake.

NYC has been great to me so far. So much diversity. Local girls and foreign girls that dont speak a lick of english. White girls….black girls….asians….indians. Girls from Ireland…England…Brazil….Russia…Austria. Young girls with ADD who seek validation to sexy cougars who come to this place hoping for a confident young man to fuck them (::cough:: ::cough) I look around….and I think…WOW how can you not get better in such a melting pot of pussy if you’re pushing yourself and making things happen? I’ve started the ignition and let the engine warm up for the past few weeks….now I need to floor it…..

Friday Night: Went to Plunge with Dave and Jason. This was one of the best nights I ever had out. EVERYONE was out 2n….Evenstar, Hiro, LP, GoldenCHild, Indeed, and so many other guys. I promised myself last FR that I would approach the very set I saw and BOOM! I certainly did. Approached a two set from Long Island…and the hottest one was very into me (constantly giggling and playing with her hair), and the other one kinda dug me but she was very shy and quiet. I eventually got into my head and ejected. I shrug it off….I was just glad to get the first set of the night over with.

Opening sets came with ease. A problem I had last week was what Dave had said in his blog…that I was good in sets right near me, and got AA from far away sets. I wasn’t going to let that happen, and I didnt. I went into/winged about 10 sets Friday night, and never got blown out. I approached a lot of 9s and 10s that night, which I’m really proud about. These are the types of really goregous girls that I never imagined myself going up to months ago.

The most memorable set of the night was a girl that I had in the palm of my hands….had that window of opportunity….and jumped into too late. It was funny because it happened by accident. This really cute small blonde chick (8) bumped into me while I was talking to Dave and spilt some of her drink on my shirt. I teased her a little and talked to her for a short time. Dave and Evenstar are with me and start talking to the girl. I dont think much of it…and just chill out…looking around and talking to Evenstar. I notice that she looks my way a few times but again, I dont think anything of it. Then I turn to my right and see Dave slowly push her into me. I’m like to myself “Oh god…what is Dave trying to get me into now” (in a positive way ofcourse)….and all of a sudden…I start leading her to the bar! Like I dont know what I did….I just told her that I’m getting a drink and that shes coming with me. I didnt ask. I just wish it wasnt so crowded because we got broken up a few times. When I eventually reunite with her…me and her are fluff talking and notice that shes REALLY close to me and talking by my lips. I know what she wants. I know what I should do…but I hesitant and get stuck in my head. Damnit lol. She eventually departs and I blew yet another opportunity. Last week with the cougar. This has been driving my fury…letting things slip away like this. It’s lessons learned but i crave the potential glory as well. It seems like this opportunities are also mind fucks. Like…I’m not used to having really really attractive girls dig me. Even when I had my gf…I still never thought I deserved her. It feels awesome that this is happening to me…but its also like WTF??? HOW is this happening? Maybe someone can give me some feedback/advice on how to overcome my “unworthiness” for hot ass bitches like these?

Saturday: The worse of the two nights but still able to gain lessons and value out of it. I was pretty stuck in my head from the beginning of the night. I was tired….didnt approach the very first set I saw…and I kept reading/talking about game all day. THIS IS A BIG NO NO FOR ME FOR NOW ON! I need to disassociate myself with the game as much as possible the night I go out sarging, or else I think too much…thus in my head.

The really good thing that came out of Saturday was using kino more. For example, I jump into a 3 set with Dave and another guy…and start chatting and flirting with one of the really cute ones in the group. When I find out from her that theyre leaving tomorrow to go back to Cali, I joke around that she needs to go crazy…get drunk…and jump on the bar. When she says that she does that sober….I claw her and start leading her to the bar….and she loves me for my escalation. Unfortunately…theyre leaving to go to another bar…but I’m glad I did what I did.

I end up talking with Dave and Jason for most of the night…I’m just not feeling it 2n. I’m so tired from the night before and from the hard workout. But I’m glad I went out. I met this really cute British Indian girl who I really liked…and she was hooked and laughing at what I said. Her friend also enjoyed my prescense. Eventually….like always…the set starts to fizzle…and I can tell that she wanted me to take charge instead of entertaining them for the time being. I can see it in her eyes. It’s too bad also…because I was really into her…and she seems fuckin cool as hell.

Another set inside the bar had a cute blonde girl (7.5) walk by me and Dave. Dave says to open so I do. As she walks by…I tap her on the shoulder and tell her that I thought she was really cute so I wanted to say Hi. As I do this, I grab her hand and pull her hand near my cock as I say this into her ear like Nathan taught us at SC. She smiled and kept walking, but I can tell her that she was kinda into it.

Dave also opens a 2 set of Italian girls…and I decide to wing him. I talk to this really smokin Italian girl….WHO DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL! Holy fuck….I’ve run into this about 5 times in the past 3 weeks. She smiles and again, seems into me…but the communication barrier is there…and me being inexperienced in this area fucks with my head. I know now that when this happens, my intent and non verbal communications have to go WAYYYYY up! Because we dont speak the same language…I cant just tell her shes cute and go from there. She has to FEEL the sexual intent…not hear it.

As the night goes on…I get super tired to the point where I opened a set and just had no idea what I was saying. Not in an illogical funny Alex~ way, but in a “my brain is taking a massive dump” way. For the last set of the night, Dave suggests pretending that I’m from Austria and cant speak English…so he has to be my translator. He opens up a fuckin cutie (9)…and proceeds to tell her that I dont speak English and that I wanted to meet her. I try my best to be dumbfounded and confused while speaking another language….while Dave just makes up crazy shit. She eventually leaves….but we fuckin loved it. I did something way out of my comfort zone…and something completely self assuming. It felt so good.

Conclusion: Each week is getting better and better. This upcoming week….me and Dave are going for the Butterfly Effect….constant approaching and socializing for the first 20 minutes of the night in order to keep the awesome social vibe for the rest of the night. Dave has been getting makeouts…and this game is constantly getting better and better each night we go out. Jason left Plunge with a cougar (jealous!) on Friday and almost got the lay. As for me…Escalation is going to be the focus when I go out for now on. This is one of the key factors that is lacking in my game, and its the missing link that will make my sets potentially turn into RESULTS.


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FR: Lessons Learned

Posted by fredfierce on August 22, 2008

Song of the Day: Sublime “The Wrong Way”

Due to Dave’s boredom at work and my stupidity for sleeping in tonight, it is without furthur ado that I post my field report from last Friday.

Me, Dave, and Jason meet up out front of Plunge. This is the first time that I ever needed girls to go into a place, but I wasn’t going to let that affect my state. I was excited to see what the night would bring, and the interesting people I’d meet. So I walk up to a 2 set of really pretty latina girls, and get them to walk in with us.

I felt a bit stifled when I got there. I think that I’m gonna have to follow Tim’s advice, and approach the first girl I see. It might blow up, it might not….but getting the first approach out of the way, and starting things off right is going to push me in the right direction. Usually I’ve been hanging outside for awhile having a cigarette…which is going to make approaching a set that much harder. Also I’m going to have to approach MORE sets. Instead of approaching a set…walking back to my friends…hanging out, and then going to find another one…I should just be on the outlook always.

Friday night I didnt open many sets. I was very much in my head that night for no reason. I cant come up with one, but I guess everyone has their good and bad nights.

Memorable sets include me approaching a 2 set of girls, one from Brazil and London. Maybe this is common for NYC, but whats up with all the Brazilian girls? Just seems kinda random to me. Anyway, things went pretty well with them for awhile…and they kept trying to tool me and trying to suck me into their frame for no reason. I can’t make out why they would. Maybe because they were with their brothers? I opened them up directly telling them that they were really cute, so maybe it was a congruence test? The only cool thing that came out of the set was that I successfully defended myself from AMOGs. I introduced myself to the two brothers, and were very cool with them, but they kept trying to tool me. They said that they wanted to name me Twinkletoes or something like that….but I looked at them with a weird look, and said “what the fuck does that even mean” with a smile, and ignore them for the rest of the set. And they backed off! Later on I realized what I did…and on bootcamp this was a problem for me. There would be sets that when the guy friend came in, I tried to befriend him too much, so that by the end of the set, I would be sucked into the girl and guy’s frame. I’m proud of myself for that one.

Another set was a very hot 2 set of cougars. Man…this one haunted me for the rest of the night. I approach them and start bullshitting with them…finding out where theyre from…and I find out that theyre sister in laws. Okay…so one of them is married but I dont think much of it. One of them was a really cute dirty blonde milf who was my target originally, and the other one was a really hot brunette cougar. The brunette one is more receptive to me but I dont think much of it because I like the other one. So we talk for awhile, and I get them hooked. A few minutes later, the blonde girl tells me that shes gonna go get a drink at the bar. I automatically think that she’s ejecting and that was the end of it. So I naturally say that I’m going to go back to my friends anyway and it was great meeting them. But the thing was that the hot brunette never left to go with her. I thought they were both gonna leave me…and when I was walking away…I looked back at them. The blonde one gave the brunette a look like “what the fuck did he just do? what an idiot”. FUCKKKKKKK I was so pist. I didnt realize until then that the blonde mustve been the married one, and she was going away for a while, so I could isolate the brunette. Man…just typing this still annoys the fuck out of me. The two of set came into my area again about a few minutes later….I’m guessing to give me another opportunity to redeem myself, but it was over. My state dropped like a steaming shit.

Since bootcamp, I’ve approached two sets of cougars and I’ve noticed that unlike younger girls….theyre not all about cockblocks, and petty bullshit that most girls pull. They will openly and genuinely help each other out to get laid. If you read a past FR of mine (FR: Making progress and LIVE trannies)….I approached a 4 set of cougars, and none of them gave me shit (except the bday girl…but I got her into me after passing her test), as they wanted their birthday girlfriend to get laid. Just like this blonde milf wanted her sister in law to get laid. They wont make a big deal about things. They know what they want, and they’re not all about games and bullshit. She easily set me up to ravish her sister in law, and I was too oblivious to realize it.

By the end of this set I was miserable. I dont like making ridiculously obvious mistakes but with more field experience, I will pick up more on this. It’s just lessons learned. I opened a set or two here and there, but it was just over at this point. I was about to leave when Dave pulls me into a 2 set with Brazilian blondes, and tells me about her tattoo. For some reason, I get rejuvenated and end up talking to this girl for about half an hour, maybe more. She was def a 9 in my opinion, and I really had a great time talking to her. Her name is Maglia. Speaking of her, I dropped her a text tonight, and she ended up calling me and chatting for about 5 minutes. Anyway….we roleplayed as a married couple and then divorced. I tease her a lot, but I also get to know her really well. Turns out, she was previously engaged even though shes only 24. I got her laughing a lot, and she is really receptive to me. Dave helps me out in the set by taking wedding pics of her. Dave…get those pics up already! haha. Anyway, after talking for awhile, she said “well I think you should get my number, what do you think?” OFCOURSE! This was the first time I was number closed by a really hot girl, and it was a bit of a mindfuck for me. BTW..the whole time we’re talking….we were very close to each other….and I tried to kino her anytime I could. Anyway….I ended up leaving her around 1:30 to go home.

Although it was a “bad night” state wise….I did have good moments as well as some horrible moments (cougarssssss)…..but it’s part of the process and I accept that. I’m lucky to learn from my mistakes, and I cant wait until a few months from now…because with going out with Dave and Jason more…we’re gonna become a really sweet combo.

Anyway….I’ll be going out tomorrow. I was gonna stay on the island, but I think I should hit up the city to make up for tonight.


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Another Year I Grow Older….What have I been doing?

Posted by fredfierce on August 21, 2008

Originially I was going to write up a FR from last Friday, and I plan to still do so. But this past Wednesday I turned 23…and while I was walking to the club that night, I really looked back at how much my life has changed since the year before.

Last year, I was a very confused and depressed guy. My dad had verbally broken me down for years, and up until this point, I was less than a half of my former self. I couldnt remember the last time I was happy. I didn’t have a direction either. I would walk around with so much stress for no reason…and I could never find out why I was like that.

Life couldnt get worse. So I thought. With the light slipping through the cracks of the dark cave…I had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend. Her name was Jessica. She loved me more than anyone ever did. Although she loved me more than anyone ever has, and amazing in bed…I just never felt the same for her as she did for me. We connected physically more than we ever did emotionally. And while her hometown is in NY, she went to school in South Carolina, making the long distance difficult for me. Here is her picture below….

I decided to end things with her because I felt I was stagnating. With the long distance being a factor….I just felt like I plateaued in life….as if I didnt reach my full potential as a man. Although I didnt know what my potential was, or what I was really looking for, I knew that something was lost and needed to be found. Little did I know back then that I really just lost touch with my true self. So I took a big risk. I could’ve easily stayed in my own little comfort weird with my perfect girlfriend, or I could embrace the unknown…to fight the burdens and hardships that my life had accumulated.

Fast forward to today. I looked back at this day…walking to the club…excited for the adventure I was about to embark on. I started to work out hard again….getting myself in great shape. Also for the first time in my life…I fully invested in myself. I spent good amount of money for a RSD bootcamp….which took me way out of my comfort zone…showing me that with hard work and dedication, I can be that sex worthy guy that I know I am. I’ve reconnected with my family, and am working hard at my job. I’ve learned through The Blueprint and Eckhart Tolle the true meaning of prescence, and learning how to walk through life with ease. I no longer stress out about little things, and rarely about big things. I love to go out….no longer sheltered in my room watching my favorite movies and playing my favorite video games. I’ve dropped negative people out of my life, and reconnected with old friends who I originally dropped out of my life for stupid and petty reasons. I can sit outside on my porch…. and just be….happy. I’ve become one of the most positive people I know. Little by little, day by day….I climb the mountain of life…and although it can be difficult at times…I wont stop now.

So another birthday has past. This year will only get better. I’m determined to progress in life and to excel in areas of my life that I choose. The year of being 22 was just the beginning. I intend to make 23 the best year of my life. To finally get what I deserve.


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FR: Pre Birthday Night 1 (Dance Floor Game Epihanies)

Posted by fredfierce on August 15, 2008

I was originally supposed to go out with Dave tonight, but my friend whose leaving for college on Tues wanted to hit a club and buy me some birthday drinks before he went away. This kid is one of my best friends ever, and although he doesnt game or know how to at all, he is a shit load of fun to go out with anyway. I end up going out with his younger brother whose awesome as well (exact replica of McLovin…I kid you not), and two other friends of mine. No girls along with us this week but we bring the goods anyway.

This place is pretty dead when we first get there, so we hang out at the bar. The bartender who I’m in LOVE with (why i didnt get her number yet is beyond me) gives us free shots of some blue shit that no one what it was. I decide to call it Cookie Monster shots for the rest of the night.

The dance floor is DEAD and there are groups of girls just hovering around the floor. We start to get bored and out of state from the dead vibe so me and my friend say FUCK IT…and all five of us just go in the middle of the dance floor and start going crazy, having the time of our lives. This gets the girls excited and they end up joining us. This was really cool for me just because I would’ve never had the balls to start up that shit awhile ago, but I wanted to have a great time with my friends before they leave for school, so we brought the party.

My dance game is getting pretty tight lately. I face the facts like a man…i LOVE to dance. I could be out there by myself or with a group of people…I feel the music flow through me and I’m in my own little world. I’m having fun, plus dancing makes me feel sexual. I’m not being a vulture like so many guys have been doing. I’m not being creepy. I’m not being needy. I’m just one with the music, and I’m a really good dancer. And girls see this. I had at least 5 instances of girls eye fuckin the SHIT out of me on the floor because they love how I sexually express myself out there. I sometimes even picture me having awesome sensual sex with a hot girl to feel it. Whatever I feel, they will feel (Alex~)

Dance floor game is becoming obvious to me now. My RAS on the floor is getting ridiculous. I see right away whether a guy approaching is going to be accepted or rejected. I can see when a girl isnt interested in the guy shes dancing with, but instead looking at me like she wants a piece. I notice how girls almost indirectly game ME. I’ll see them glance at me from a distance, and slowly dance closer to me to try to make it seem like they didnt mean to. They like my friends too because we’ll all being non needy and having a great time….I just wish they could be aggressive. Oh well lol

So I danced with a few hot girls, and it felt really natural. I even got a makeout with one of them. The girl was a little chunky but with a REALLY cute face. She dances with her ass in my crotch for a while…I get bored and turn her around. I’m dancing very sexually with her as if I’m sensually making love to her and we came nose to nose. I grab her by the back of the head and make out with her.

Dance floor game brings out my best combo of Woo and Intent. I’m having a shit load of fun with my friends and being in the moment (wooo), but I’m also dancing with intent. I dont come to them….they see how I’m projecting myself through my expressions, and they become attracted to it.

I was gonna write another article about some insights I had while chatting it up with my trainer at the gym tonight, but I felt like this was more important to post about. I’ll write about it tomorrow.

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FR: Making progress and LIVE Trannies

Posted by fredfierce on August 9, 2008

Song of the Day: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

I feel like even from a weeks time that I’m improving a lot. Didnt pull…Didnt make out…but I did get two numbers. There are still things to improve on, but I’m opening up, and plowing through little by little.

Anyway…met up with Warlock and Raven tonight at Plunge. I’m starting to like this place even though its crowded as hell. Adapt to the environment. I also got a chance to meet some other guys in the community tonight like Love Pirate, The Judge, L Prince, and a few others that I cant recall right now. Everyone seems to be really chill and they bring out positive vibes in their own unique ways. I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again.

I approached close to 10 sets tonight, and I really got blown out two or three times. The first one was a 3 set outside that I quickly was thrown into without having 100% belief…which resulted in the alpha girl dragging her two friends away. POOF gahnnnnn. The other blow outs were a 3 set of asians. I think I came in with too much high energy, when they clearly were waiting to get to the bar not having fun. It’s better to go to their level or slightly higher, but I was like WOOO! STRONGGGG. The last blow out with a girl walking past me when we were smoking outside. I tried to open with a breaking for rapport tone by saying “hey! who are you?!”. The only problem was that I think I came in too strong, instead of being playfully dominant. It was too drill sargant if that makes any sense. The girl gets offended, and I try to play it off as a joke, but she wasn’t having any of it. Lesson Learned….if I’m going to be breaking for rapport, its best not to be too crazy with it.

Some other sets that I remember from last night include…

1. I open this really cute Spanish chick in the corner while her friend was talking to another guy. I come in with a playful smile…pull her in a little and say in her ear “Hey, I thought you were really cute, so I really wanted to come over and meet you”. She instantly lights up, and she becomes really into me from there. I’m clawing her at points to talk into her ear. In reality, the noise is too much for me to hear well…so if I escalate this way…it’s a good excuse to get close. She’s loving me the whole time…and I really dont remember what I was saying. I think she has a bf, but the only reason why I knew is because her friend made an indirect joke about it when I told her that this girl is my new girlfriend. Whatever…I stay unreactive and keep chatting her up. Eventually, I start to get into my head to search for things to say, and I eject. I told her that I need to go to the bathroom, and that I’ll see her later on in the night. I never end up seeing her again. SHIT. why did I eject?! haha I regretted this for a while, because with more escalation and dominance, and she would’ve been done for at least a make out. And she was a cute and really sweet girl, which is perfectly my type. Next time…I stay in there until they leave, and I push the interaction as far as I can.

2. I spot a 4 set of blond COUGARS!~!~! in the bar area. For those who dont know….I ❤ me some cougs. I roll in there with confidence (I’m in pretty high state at this point)…and tell them that they look really cute, and I had to come over and meet them. There are very receptive to me right away, and I find out that it’s one of the cougars birthdays. She is giving me shit a little by not telling me her name, and stuff but I really stay unreactive to her, and instead of getting reactive….I claw her in and say to the group “Wow…I really love this one….I cant get over how adorable she is”. I turn her negativity into a positive. All of a sudden, things change. The fuck me eyes come out, and its blantant that I pass whatever test she was giving me. I claw her in a few times, and shes really into my kino. They laugh when I tell them that I’m gonna be 23. I stay unreactive, but I’m not really sure if thats a congruence test or they just love that I’m confident around them. Maybe someone reading this can give me some insight. Anyway, I end up ejecting again (WHY?!?!?!) and I wish I hadn’t because Raven was about to wing my set for me. FUCK! That could’ve been perfect for me to isolate the birthday cougar. My bad man haha. and WHY I ejected prematurely is beyond me. I guess I started to get inside my head again….but she was DTF for sure…and I blew it. Once again…lesson learned. Just realized that I applied Natural Tim’s ping pong theory without realizing it. She was giving me shit and instead of trying to be witty…I stay unreactive and shoot her back with my positive confident energy.

3. Warlock ends up chatting this really cute Asian girl named Ana. She originally bums a cigarette off me but I end up talking to a community guy while Warlock chats up the asian. I eventually come into the set and he leaves me so I can chat her up. Thanks man ;-). I particuarly liked this set a lot because it was the first time in a while since joining the community that I REALLY was interested in talking to a girl…instead of doing it for my game. We clicked right away….with a similiar sense of humor..same age…a lot of the same commonalities and values. We eventually exchange numbers and she tells me that next time I’m in the city that we should go for coffee. So yea…I’ll see how true that holds up. I got some kino in but I definately could have turned it up a notch easily, as she was really into me.

Anyway…i end up leaving around 1:30 to catch the train home…and on the way out I spot 5 trannies walking into the club. WOW…this was the first time I saw trannies in real life, and I was just amazed at how good looking they actually were….no homo haha. From a distance they looked like models until I hear their deep voice and adams apples haha. It was just a funny experience…not necessarily one that I want to revisit again soon lol.

I had a great time with the guys tonight, and I’m really starting to get comfortable in cold approaching. I want to keep the momentum going from bootcamp so it’s imperative to keep going out constantly to improve. Warlock had a couple of really good sets last night…and he def seems to be making a lot of progress since superconference. If you’re reading this man, I love going out with you guys….It’s only gonna get better from here. I’m slowly using more and more kino…and I really need to push my sets as hard as I possibly can. Fuck it if I get blown out. The harder I push past my boundaries, the better I’m going to get.

I’ll be writing again soon. peace

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Sat Night with Warlock…and Misc. stuff

Posted by fredfierce on August 7, 2008

Whats up to anyone reading this? I’ve been meaning to update, but I dont have internet at my job anymore…so trying to find time to write is hard.

Saturday it hit the big city to meet up with Warlock and his buddy, Raven at Plunge. It was good seeing Dave again since superconference….with both of us changing since the last time we saw each other. He’s gained more confidence and happiness (or so I think? lol help me out dave…give me a better insight), and I’ve just came off of a grueling bootcamp a few weeks back. I met Raven that night, and he seems like a very chill and fun guy, hopefully I’ll see him again soon.

Dave pushed me into sets, and I’m glad he did. Although I’ve gained more confidence in opening sets…I still need that little push from a buddy to get past the rest of the AA i go through. Eventually the AA will be gone.

I approached a little more than 5 sets that night. Nothing sarge-irific, but considering I wasnt there long anyway, I was happy about that. It was also good to have Dave there because I tend to get lost in the set. What I mean is that I’m so much concentrating on the set and the work of my game, that I dont see how to girl reacts or the attraction I get. Appearantly, I did get alot of initial attraction from girls until the sets fizzled out (damn me for not escalating/dominating lol). So it was good to have an outside perspective of how my game is while in set. NOW….this sounds bad. I realize that ONE- I’m being reactive. Meaningggg that I’m SOOO concentrated on getting the right reaction that I’m not concentrated on the girl. TWO- I’m missing out on her feminine energy. Her tits and ass. Her amazing hair. Her beauty and personality. THATS what I should do. To feed off her sexual energy. This will come in time….and making a conscious effort to do so will make me pimper by the day lol This was also a problem during bootcamp as well. Saad told me that on numerous occasions, I had girls that were really into me, playing with their hair and shit…but I was so concentrated on the set going well that I didnt pick up on this. This will change my friends.

I realize that going into the city at least once a week is going to improve my game big time. Dont get me wrong…Long island bars have a LOT of hot chicks, but NYC is a different atmosphere. You have to dress really well…its classier….and its a less intense environment. Girls are sitting down with their crew at expensive tables. I love it there…and the girls are tougher to game. Getting exposure to different surroundings will make my game better.

so thats that. In other news in Fredamania…I realized tonight going to the gym that its been almost 3 years since I’ve been in love. It kinda made me sad. I’ve only been in love once. She broke my heart….and I’m sure I wrote about this in a previous post so I wont go much into it. I got into this game to get amazing with women, and to become that sex worthy guy. I still do. But I would ultimately want to love someone again. This time it’ll be different. I wont be in love to fill up the emptiness inside me. I will be offering my girl with an amazing world full of value and caring.

Anyway….PINEAPPLE EXPRESS TONIGHT! Thurs-Fri-Sat will be intense though. I will push myself through the unknown…and I wont always have a friend to push me into it. Wish me luck lolol


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