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LR: Old Friends

Posted by fredfierce on July 31, 2008

I’ve known this chick for a few years now. Backstory: Years ago, one of my part time jobs was working at a movie theater. I became good friends with the manager, who was good friends with the owner’s daughter. So I’ve known her (owners daughter) for a few years but nothing ever happened between us. There was flirting, but I never took it to the next level. My manager friend had a huge crush on her, even though he didnt stand a chance. Even though she wanted me, I decided no-go because of my friend.

Anyway…for a good year or so later, we stopped talking. Our social circle kinda went its own ways, so there was never problems between me and her. Fast forward to a week or so ago, we begin to text each other again, and agree to hang out soon.

So tonight, I decide to get together with her. She ended up buying a new car a few weeks ago, so I told her to come pick me up so I can get a ride in the new wheels, and we’ll take it from there.

She arrives at my house around 9:30. When I get out of the house, she comes out of my car and asks me how I like the car. I claw her immeadiately and compliment the car, and to tell her how cute she looks tonight.

We end up driving for a good hour, just vibing the fuck out. Remencising about the fun times we had years ago, and how our lives are now, and where theyre going. We’re having a great time…I’m making her laugh a lot with my dry humor (no try hardness). I’m teasing her…and dropping little sexual comments here and there. I wanna call them sexual landmines. Eventually I bring up the fact that back in the day, I thought she was really sexy (still do), and that I really wanted something with us to happen, but I was a dipshit for caring what the friend thought. She agreed also that she wanted me to make a move badly, and that she still thought I was cute. It’s on…..

So I end up making her drive to a secluded place. Dont ask, just tell her to. It’s a really popular bay area with a golf course and all, but at night…no one is around and its dark. I end up finding a pair of handcuffs in her middle console (she works in security), and I tell her that I’m gonna use these on her one day. She laughs and slightly agrees…almost as if she didnt expect me to say that. Sexual intent. Emotional spike.

So she parks….and there’s is a few seconds awkward silence…as if someone is waiting for something to happen. So I say “come here”…grab the back of her head, and makeout with her. She says she feels uncomfortable messing around in a car, and asks me if theres anyplace nearby to go. I tell her that we could drive to a nearby motel, but that I dont have enough money on me. She says she def doesnt mind paying for the room, but theres no way she can mess around in a car. I could’ve been unreactive and just forced the situation at hand to go down, but in this case, it would really ruin the vibe. I want her to feel comfortable, and considering that shes DTF anyway, I might as well wait for a motel room…

10 minutes later… to the motel…..glory ensues.

I throw her on the bed and dominate the hell out of her. She goes crazy for this, and even says shit like “I’m such a bad girl, baby”. I pull her hair and take my other hand and wrap it around her neck. She loves every bit of it. Afterwards, she says that no one has ever been like that to her before.

After we finish….we just chill for a while….having a deep conservation. It was awesome to be able to talk to someone on that level and not feel like I’m going over their head. Anyway, we leave….she drops me home…and I promise to pay for the room for the next round.

Being sexual and dominant is fun. I’m still getting used to it, and at times, I feel weird doing it….but it’s becoming fun as hell. My goal is to just make a conscious effort to be a sexual and dominant guy….even if it comes off creepy, because eventually it will just become a part of me and wont be so creepy.

Anyway…I’m off to bed. Wasn’t any major epihanies, but I thought I should post this to show myself how I’m progressing since bootcamp.


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LR: First Bar Pull Ever

Posted by fredfierce on July 27, 2008

Originially I was supposed to head into the city to tear it up with Warlock last night (sorry bro….next weekend for sure when I’m not a broke fuck lol).

Instead I head out with a close guy friend and girl friend of mine. We head to a strip of bars, and play a few games of beerpong. Tonight, I’m having a great night. I’m rockin out to the music, and just being a fuckin idiot with my friend. First time in a while that I’m self amusing instead of trying so hard. I had a chody Friday night, so I just wanted to have fun tonight and not worry about anything.

A game or two in, I spot a pretty cute girl near me with a tattoo that looks like the math symbol Pi. I decided to go up to her to compliment her tattoo, excusing her of being a hardcore nerd. Turns out its a Chinese symbol for strength. Right from the start, I’m teasing and flirting with her, and seems pretty receptive to it. I high five her, but hold her hand a little longer than usual. I’m just feeling sexual with her and enjoying her prescence. Her and her friend end up walking off to go to the bathroom, and I dont think much of it at all. I continue playing beerpong, and start talking to this hot cougar. Turns out shes married, but I stay unreactive and keep talking to her anyway. The connection isn’t there, and I feel weird hitting on a married woman, so I decided to leave to go smoke a cigarette.

I go outside with my two friends to smoke when I see the cute girl from earlier walk outside. I really want to fuck her by the end of the night. Something inside me just snaps. I know that we had a little bit of a connection earlier in the night… not through our words, but just the vibe and the subcommunications. So I go up to her and claw her and start back flirting with her. I get to know her a little better. Turns out she’s from CT visiting her for the weekend and she’s leaving tomorrow. She’s sort of a hippie chick. Doesn’t really dress to impress, very much into nature and the environment.

By this point, the escalation is increasing more and more…but not in a obvious way. We end up holding hands, and she’s touching my muscles and asking how many days I work out a week. She invites me back to her beach house at the end of the night to party more, and at this point it’s pretty much assumed that she’s DTF. Fuckin tourists. I end up getting her number because me and my friends are about to bounce. She seems slightly disappointed that I’m going to leave so soon….so I pull her in close and start making out with her. After we stop, she says “Well…we can go back to my beach house now, it’s pretty close”…..

Um dont have to ask me twice. I claw her and walk past my friends back to her place. As soon as we get there, I grab her by the hair and start making out with her hardcore. She’s loving my dominance….and I love it too. For the next half hour, I own this chick. She even says in the middle of it, “I’ll do anything you want”. Fuck….alright lol After we finish, she walks into the bathroom to fix herself up again and she yells “God…I LOVE VACATIONS!!”

….Well I love girls on vacation

We walk back to the bar…find our friends, and I never see her for the rest of the night. This all occurred within an hour timespan. Ends up on the walk back to the bar that she’s 28 years old…and I’m only 22. I never had something like this happen ever. We just part ways as if nothing never happened. No attachment….just a quick fuck. I’m fine with that and I’m fuckin pumped. Take a shot of Cuervo with my friends and we’re off to another bar.

I talk to a guy I know later in the night, who was trying to get with the same chick earlier in the night. He pulls me aside…confused….and explains that he was chillen with that same girl for an hour and a half before I got there….even went into his car to smoke up. He asked me what I did to fuck her. That’s when it hit me, and what Saad was telling me all of bootcamp weekend. It was all in the dominance and escalation. That was the deal breaker. Simple as that. This kid is a better looking guy than me, taller, all that. He’s actually a pretty social and chill guy as well. But I made things happen and he didnt. This was a huge realization for me. I took it to the next step when he didn’t. Wow….how nuts is that….

Anyway, my friends and I hit up another bar and we hit up the dance floor. A two set of black girls see me dancing, and they love it. Pale white guy being complimented on his skills by black chicks….fuckin a. So I grab the cuter of the two and start grinding with her. She shakes that ass the only way a black girl knows. I pull her in, grab by the back of her head and start making out with her. She loves it. I end up going to grab a water, and get her number before I leave. My friends want to leave who are my ride, and I decide to call it a night.

Btw….throughout the nights, I do open about 5 other sets, especially the majority of them on the dance floor but most of them are dragged away by their friends. Oh well….At least I pushed myself and take a shot.

This is my first time since joining all this that I had a bar pull. I wasn’t trying to impress her, and I didn’t try hard at all. It all seemed pretty easy and natural. I came in with no outcome dependence and just enjoyed the girl for her, not for the game.

It’s been a week since bootcamp, and I already pulled a girl. I would’ve never thought this would happen, especially so quickly. I wanna thank Saad for throwing in the right direction, and I’m gonna try to keep this momentum going.

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NYC Bootcamp July 18-20 with Saad and Jared

Posted by fredfierce on July 24, 2008

The bootcamp was absolutely every I could’ve asked for. It challenged me. It past me through my little shield of comfort.

Friday night we went down to the Lower East Side to a few small bars. Our goal for the night was to just approach sets to see where we were at, and what we needed work on. I listened to whatever Saad said. He told me to go, and I went. This was the first time that I went to talk to a girl without thinking about it first. I didnt have a chance to future project it, and it felt amazing. Some sets were receptive…some blow me out right away, and at first it kinda sucked. Fortunately, as time went on, I didnt have much time to think about how bad or well they went, as Saad would basically throw me into another set right away. By the end of the night, I felt like a zombie. My head was spinning, my mind was numb….I couldn’t really put together exactly what I did that night. Just being able to cold approach so much felt like a major improvement to me.

At the debrief…Saad explained that I wasn’t following through with my sexual intent, and that I needed to be more dominant. This seemed sleazy to me (little did I know its not)….and by Saturday day and night, I would realize and see that this is very crucial whether or not you get the girl.

Saturday: We met up in the afternoon at Union Square. By this time, my mind had caught up with my body, and I felt like shit. Only getting about four hours of sleep the night before, and going through a lot of new stuff and action…it felt like I did a 2 hour cardio session. We went to grab some lunch, and to go over what we did wrong and right. Saad explained to me that the biggest thing he saw in me as that I try too hard to be a friendly and nice guy, and that’s whats stopping me from getting further in sets. I’m pretending to be a chode, and I really need to stop that facade, and to just be real. Girls pick up on it, and notice that something just seems off about me. This was probably the biggest pill I’ve swallowed in a long time. I knew he was 100% right. I was the type of guy that would rather have people like me than to just be real with them. Somewhere deep down, I kinda always knew this, but no one had the balls to call me out on it. I really thank him for doing so.

After lunch, we went around to various stores around Union Square to work on our fashion. Let me just say…Saad is not only awesome with women, but also with fashion. He explained how important fashion was to a woman. It projects a certain way about you even before you talk to the girl. This doesnt mean peacocking. But for example, wearing a shirt that has a sexual innuendo projects that you are comfortable with your sexuality, thus making you more attractive.

We grabbed dinner together, while he went over 2 parts of being a natural; sexual intent and assertive dominance (the other two being presence and core confidence). He explained to us that even though men and women have become equal in todays age…women still want to be feminine and men want to be masculine. The masculine/feminine polarity concept is huge, and the bigger the polarity between two people, the bigger the attraction. Another important lesson was escalation. Women want you to escalate, and in todays day of age….most men think thats wrong. But if you think about it…if you approach a girl/set at a bar, it’s obvious to them that you want sex…thats why its imperative to act through your own sexual intention, instead of trying to beat around the bush. Women want you to dominant them (masculine trait), and they want to be lead. That means teasing, clawing, holding hands, leading them around, etc. Leading to sex can not be there fault….therefore you have to be the man in the relationship and to lead them there.

So after a good dinner/theory lesson, we got dressed, and headed out to 230th and 5th bar. When I first got there, I froze up and got really nervous. Our goal for the night was to escalate as much as possible, and although the concept of escalation seemed easy enough, I knew deep down that it was going to be tough to execute. Saad wouldnt be pushing us as hard, but we had to escalate and to be dominant.

The first bunch of sets opened well, but I was trying too hard and not escalating at all. I felt really weird trying to do this…I wasn’t giving myself permission to do so. Saad kept telling me a few times during the night that I’m not escalating like I should be and that I need to step it up. I then enter a set that went pretty well, but I still was not fully escalating. All of a sudden, Saad ends up coming into the set, and immediately the attention is turned onto him. He came in so smooth, and with no outcome dependency at all. He didnt come in with a full burst of energy. He just came in non-chalantly…introduced himself….and took over the frame of the group. Later on, I watched a few other sets that Saad and Jared were in….and even though I couldn’t really make out what they were saying, you can easily see how well they were doing by escalating, and being non outcome dependent. When they got blown out, they laughed it off and kept having fun. After each set, it’s like they hit the reset button and moved on. They were expressing, not trying to impress, like I was doing. That’s how they displayed high value to the girls that were talking to. It was great to see them in action to get an idea of how I should be. I was able to compare myself to them….so I can see where I was going wrong.

I approached a lot of sets that night. One set I particularly remember was with this really cute greek girl. She was with her friend in the corner. I tried to quickly imagine how Saad would go about approaching. I came over to them…introduced myself and told them how cute they looked. This time, I wasnt looking for a response….I just expressing how hot they were. Then I quickly escalated by clawing the greek girl and telling her that we’re getting married, and that our honeymoon is at mcdonalds. It was the first time all weekend were I was just very illogical and not giving a shit if the set would go well. She ends up loving it, but giving me a lot of congruence tests. I plow them through with being illogical, and escalating more with holding her hands, and teasing her. There would be times where I would check her out and tell her how cute her smile was, and she would love it even though she was trying hard not to. There was even a time where the friend says she was going to the bathroom and asking if she’d be alright. She was eye coding her to see if she wanted to eject, and the greek girl never left with her. At the end, I stopped being illogical and just said “seriously…you’re fuckin cute and cool….and you’re gonna give me your number”. She entered it without hesitation.

After more sets opened, I was started to feel that sexual intent inside me. It didnt express it 100% IMO, but I’m started to get a clear understanding of it. After we left the bar, I went over how the night went in my head. The sets that I didnt escalate and just tried for rapport would go well in the very beginning, but soon the energy would drop quickly and I would lose the frame. I guess at first, they were attracted, but as soon as knew I was being a pussy by not escalating, their energy died down and felt disappointed. But, when I escalated and dominated, and showed my intent, the energy stayed alive even though I didnt really try to say as much. Maybe sometimes less is more?

Sunday: We met at Union Square for our last day of bootcamp. We ended up having lunch together, and then chilled at this martini bar. We basically spent the majority of the time going over sets and asking questions. He gave us our final debrief. He explained to be that I “pretend to be a chode”. I usually come off trying hard for rapport, and not always acting through my intentions. He also explained that I try to come “dumb” by making jokes just to get them to laugh, but its not really who I am. It’s this persona that I put up so I can get approval instead of being myself. Im really a sarcastic dry kind of guy and I should be that way. This was a huge realization to me because I really was pretending to act like a chode, and it was draining. I felt like I put too much energy into it, when I should’ve just came off as myself and just following through with my intentions. He said when I start acting through with this persona…I should stop myself…and detach myself from it. Then Saad went over the important of emotional spiking, and how this causes attraction in women. Whether the spike brings out a positive or negative emotion, it’s good to make a woman engage in a wide range of emotions.

For our final test of the weekend, our mission for 15 minutes was to approach girls in Union Square without Saad telling us to do it. We could eject whenever we wanted, but the main goal was to take initiative. If we succeded, then we’d be able to do this on our own after the weekend. I ended up approaching 3 girls. One was this cute asian girl, who seemed a little weirded out by my approaching lol. After a while she seemed to warm up a little bit, but my “persona” started to shine through. When she left, I realized what I did and decided to change it up. The next 2 girls were not very receptive at all, and hardly talked to me. Maybe I creeped them out or they just were surprised? Idk….but I felt awesome that I was able to do this on my own. I was also proud of the fact that I was just being real. Saad said we past the challenge.

The end of the bootcamp took place at Whole Foods. He went over tips for Day 2s, such as finding 3-4 places that we like and to visit there regularly and to get to know the people that work there. That way, when you go on a date there, she enters your world. He also went over some phone game.

Overall: My experience at RSD bootcamp was an eye opener. Before this, I was really inside my head a lot and couldn’t get myself to open a set. During the weekend, I opened up so many sets that it doesnt feel like such a big deal anymore. Getting blown out isnt so much of a big deal…you just laugh it off and go for the next one. I learned that being dominant is key, escalation is key, intent is key…and the four principles of natural game together can really provide you great results (core confidence/presence/sexual intent/assertive dominance). I want to keep this momentum going….to go out at least 3 nights a week. I want to thank Saad and Jared for a great weekend.

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Bootcamp Eve

Posted by fredfierce on July 18, 2008

Its the night before RSD bootcamp. I thought I’d be terrified but I’m not. For someone who used to worry about every little thing….this is actually a weird thing for me.

My main goals are massive approaching and reference experience. One day, I want to be able to see that hot goregous girl, and approach her with massive confidence. If I can achieve that this weekend, then I’ll be a happy guy. Anything else I learn and gain out of this experience will be awesome as well.

Well see you in a few days.

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Random Thoughts 7/15/08

Posted by fredfierce on July 16, 2008

I’m sitting here bored….possibly going out tonight to a club. I’ve been meaning all day to write some random thoughts floating around in my head this week….

Bootcamp is this Friday. Fuck…I’m pretty nervous now that it’s a few days away. The small little chode in me wants to not go. The chode would rather spend Friday night seeing The Dark Knight. The chode says “Hey man, why take a bootcamp now…you got two makeouts this week…you’re making enough progress on your own”. I know this is complete bullshit though. As a strong man, I’m taking care of what is impoirtant to me. Let’s face it….my goal is to be able to bang the hot chicks that I never could. To be the best man I can be, and to lead by example. This weekend is a huge step for me, and as a man….I know this is my mission. Much like I do anything, i will be 100% LISTENING and LEARNING. Whether it’s my trainer at the gym, or with my boss at work….I’m always looking to improve and to never let me ego enflate. The same will apply this weekend. I’m facing the unknown….but I’m ready.

I’ve been reading The Way of a Superior Man. I’m a little bit halfway through the book and WOW, what an awesome read so far. So many ideas that the author writes are so much directly related to pick up…and RSD’s philosophies and ideas. He explains the crucial importance of masculine and feminine polarities. Having a strong polarity is what makes relationships and intimacy work. The man is the giant oak tree and the woman is the chaotic squirrel climbing around the tree. He also teaches the importance of trusting in yourself. The woman cant take charge…she cant lead…and she cant make crucial decisions by herself. She goes through an array of random emotions a day, and she needs a man she can trust to be “her rock”.

I look back at my past relationships that failed, and I finally realized why they did. I was indecisive…I was reactive and emotional…I didnt trust myself….I was too logical when my girl just needed me to love her and hold her instead of “trying to figure her out”. It’s funny really…because my first love broke up with me a few years ago. She never gave me a reason why, and I dont think she stills knows. It drove me crazy, because I wanted to know so badly why, and what I had done wrong. But the truth is, shes a highly emotional and chaotic woman. She needed a solid and unshakeable man that she could trust to guide her through her emotional rollercoaster. That wasn’t me back then. :Sigh: It feels so good to get all that out. When I’m done with this book, I’m going to write a review of it on my blog.

Last random thought is this….WOWWWWWWWWW I fuckin love women LMAO. Like youre thinking to yourself….well no shit Fred…you wouldnt be into pick up and RSD if you didnt. But recently…I dont know…I crave feminine energy so much. Their smooth and soft skin, their submissiveness, their sensuality, their beauty is really driving me insane. I was at the gym last night during the ellipitcal machine. I’m tired as fuck and sweaty all over. All of a sudden, a young woman walks by me. She was long brown hair in french braids, slim build with muscle, tan with a nice ass. I imagined her in bed with me, layign there as I held her…with my arm around her as she become submissive to my masculinity…

While I think this, a shot of energy came through me. It wasn’t horniess. It was just her feminine energy flowing through my body. I never felt somethoing like that before. Maybe because I didnt allow myself. But lately, I’m just enjoying women completely for who they are, and I’m not afarid to accept that. It feels AMAZING…its rejuvenating.

Anyway, Enough thinking…time for action….Next entry should be friday. Peace

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FR: Asian Cuisine

Posted by fredfierce on July 12, 2008

Tonight was another fun night again…took the train over to NYC to bar hop with one of my best friends (Mike), his gf, and a bunch of her friends. We hit up a couple of bars down on W. 17th Street but its all dead and very calm tonight. The girls that we are with are cool, but very superficial and indecisive. They like the guys with the money, who roll into the bar with their white collar work clothes on. I’ve got piercings, and usually dress casual rocker type, so I guess they’re not as receptive to me. All were cute girls, and once I get better in this game, a factor like this shouldnt affect me….

After much debate of where to go, we end up at a bar in Greenwich Village called Fiddlesticks. Dance/pop music….low lighting….crowded with plenty of hotties = The ideal place for Phred to enjoy himself.

I start talking it up with one of the white collar guys, who actually turns out to be a cool mofo. He’s an investment banker, but he’s got a great personality, and I can see why the girls are receptive to him.

After a little bit of chatter, I go to the bar to get a drink. It’s a circular bar, and I get a nice view of the hotties tonight. I realize how many awesome hot chicks that are there. I’m like DAMNNNN, I’m so happy to be here right now with so many hotties, and enjoying the night with one of my best friends. When I’m in this environment, my WOOO! explodes like a motherfucka. Jesus Christ, about a half a year ago, this place would’ve sucked me in and ate me alive, but NOW….I CRAVE these places.

Anyway back on track. I’m smiling…and having a great time when I notice this cute little asian chick looking in my direction smiling back. With a dimly lit environment, I’m thinking….nahhh it must be my imagination. She even puckers her lips at me…and now I think….this is just too good to be true. Five seconds after that, a guy rolls in next to her and tries to flirt with her but gets quickly shot down. Alright….its on!

So I grab my drink and go back to my buddy. Although I’m having a great time, that chick is in the back of my head. I tell him what happened, and he pushes me to find her. Not two seconds after we discuss this, I see the cute asian girl “casually” walking past us….as if we just happened to cross paths ;-). I spot whats going on…and as she walks by, I grab her by the arm, throw a little devilish smile, and say “Hey who are you?” I think her name is Angel idk. I claw her IMMEDIATELY, and bring her in close to hear her over the music. I talk in her ear, and when she speaks, I pull her into me instead of leaning to her. She’s totally submissive, and I’m really owning this chick.

She has a heavy accent, and with the combination of that and the loud music (kinda a problem for me in general), it’s VERY hard to understand what she’s saying. Appearantely, from what I made out, she moved to this country a half a year ago. She’s not like most asian girls though. She’s very physically open and displays her sexually pretty damn well. Maybe it was the booze that forced it out of her lol.

My physical escalation starts right away, and this has become one of my best qualities in the field. I’m not afarid to be physical, and even Jeffy said it best himself…YOU CANT GET BLOWN OUT BY OVERESCALATING!

I lead her over to a corner of the bar and start asking fluff questions and cracking jokes. Unfortunately, I dont really make out muchof what she is saying, but I know shes very into me. I locked in lazer eyes and shes got that triangular gaze. I can say the dumbest shit, but I keep my body language very sexual, and she knows what my intentions are. I keep the claw on her, and place my hand on the back of her neck.

I then tell her “You’re really fuckin cute”…and kiss her on the forehead. She giggles and puts her head into my chest. Then I grab her hair in the back of her head and start making out with her. On a sidenote: I’m beginning to see how to be playfully dominant. Grabbing her hair the way I did was very dominanting, and girls have been more receptive and submissive to me when I do this. It’s such a good way of displaying the caveman in you without making it so obvious (like throwing her around, etc). I’m not wanking on her hair, but I’m grabbing on to it…to show my control over her without being ALL over her.

I’m all up on her in the corner. Making out, Grabbing the hair, touching her body all over, her leg wrapped around mine. She’s DTF for sure. I say “Let’s go”…and I lead her upstairs where the bathrooms are. I want to bring her in but shes too hesitant to do that. I guess she would feel like a slut if she did that. Oh well. I’m not a city guy, as I live on Long Island, so I dont really know how or where to pull her out. I’m sure I could’ve used my imagination but my friend told me that we had to go in 5 minutes to catch our train.

I tell her that I have to get back to my friends, that she was a really cool and fun chick, and that I was very happy to have met her tonight. She seems a little down that I’m going, but thats life.

Overall: I’m proud to be making progress and pushing myself whenever I’m out. I’ve even been opening up in the daytime, complimenting girls and flirting with them. The big thing about tonight’s FR was bodylanguage and subcommunication. My hearing sucks and my voice projection isnt amazing…so with that, and the mild language barrier bwteen me and this chick….I’m having to rely on my BL and SC more. This is so key to my progress, and I notice that girls are more receptive to these things anyway instead of just the words that come out of your mouth.

QUESTION!!!!: I’m at a crosswords of sorts, and maybe RSDN guys can give some input. My style has been to just go out with my friends and have the best time I can. If I see a girl interested, or if there’s someone that I find interesting…then I do what I have to do and let the chips fall as they may. I dont really do massive approaching, and I’m not out to “work on my game” or go out sarging like some people do. I just see what I want, and try to take it. I guess I do this to not pressure myself or outcome dependent.

So my question is….as an inexperienced guy…is this mindset okay to have?? I feel as a semi new guy in this game (about 3-4 months in) I should be approaching massively, only because that’s what most guys go through. I see the point in doing so; to get the reference experiences and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Anyway…I’d love to hear your opinions because I truly value the respect and knowledge that is brought to the forum.

Anyway guys, tonight is another bar night…and who knows what that will bring. Ofcourse leave feedback/comments/criticism…I’m a spounge…willing to learn. Peace

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FR: 1st Cold Approach Makeout

Posted by fredfierce on July 10, 2008

So before joining the world of RSD, 95% of my hookups came through my social circle. I’m sure everyone can relate, blah blah blah. Since I’ve started to invest in myself (ie: purchasing blueprint, signing up for upcoming bootcamp), I’ve decided to stop doing social circle hook ups, and hooking up with girls that are below my standards.

FR: 7/8/08
So me and two of my close friends (non community) end up to this club in our town. 18 and over bar/club….plenty of hot slutty girls.

When we arrive at the club, its FUCKIN DEAD! Like 20 people in this huge club. We’ve been here before so we know it’s going to pick up hardcore within a half an hour. In the meantime, we walk around, smoke some cigarettes, and chat with some people that we know.

Eventually the place gets CROWDED and the swarm of hot girls appear in front of my very eyes. I decide to ditch my friends to hit the dance floor. Here…I feel free and expressive. At times, I just close my eyes…and feel the music through my body. I dont give a fuck out there. Why? It’s my physical way of being free and expressive. After a logisitic day of accounting (my profession), it feels good to just let go.

While I’m out there, I spot a group of girls that I’m pretty friendly with, and who I see regularly at most of the places I venture. I stroll in the middle of their circle, and start dancing and grinding up on them. They love it…and even one girl in the group likes it a lot. She starts grabbing the buckle hoop on my jeans, while making HUGE eye contact with me. I get a sense of what she wants, but unfortunately I dont really find her attractive. She’s really a 5 in my mind, and I could easily make out with her on the spot and maybe even pull her later. I realize this can be a problem because I dont want to lead her on. So after awhile, the group decides to go outside for awhile, which is good, because I want to go find my friends….

I walk around for a while…just feeling awesome in general…with that quiet little smile inside that Tim says is mental WOO! I’m just having a great time, and even though I’m away from my friends, I am comfortable in my own body. I notice that girls become receptive to this. You get the long stares, or the little smiles. Whatever I feel, they feel…

So anyway, I eventually find my friends to see that they are talking to a group of 4 girls. Alright…sweet. So I walk in hard with a smile, claw one of my buddies and say in a positive dominant fashion, “Hey whats up man? How about you introduce me to your friends?” After I get introduced, I vibe/flirt a little bit with 3 of the four girls and they are loving me.

All of a sudden, the hottest one of the group (8 out of 10) comes over to me real close. So I automatically claw her, and start talking to her in her ear. The physicalicity starts right away, and she is smiling, laughing, and enjoying my presence. She starts asking me random questions like if I have any tattoos, to which I show her my back tattoo. She is def seeking rapport with me, and we begin making sexual comments. For example, one of her friends touched her ass and she asks me “Did you just touch my ass?” in a surprised, and slightly aggitated way. I stay unreactive and say “No….but when I do…you’ll remember”. She responds with a big smile on her face.

After all this, I know its on. It’s all about me and her now, and our bubble of love has been generated. We forget about our group of friends, and its just US now. Back in the day, I would’ve just talked and talked with her…maybe even throw a PURPOSELESS HAND OF DOOM…but instead…..

What do I do now? I pull her in to me and pull out the KEYLOCK OF GLORY!! I brush her cheek with my mouth and say into her ear “We gotta do dance now”….She says “Okay”……so without saying anything to my friends or her friends, I grab her hand and drag her off to the dance floor.

When we get there, I put my hands all over her. She tells me earlier that she was really big a few years ago and dropped a lot of weight since then. So out on the dancefloor, I put my hand on all the places on her body….her waist, stomach, arms…just to let her know using my touch that she looks really good, and that she can be completely comfortable and secure with me.

As we dance for a little, I pull her in real close…and sniff her hair and neck…and then give her neck a quick little kiss. Then I come up and kiss her cheek. She flinches a little….not out of objection, but because she did not expect it. A second later when she registers this in her mind….I go in for the makeout and she definately obeys.

She makes out with me hard (not a great kisser btw), and I’m touching her all over. After awhile, I start to feel slightly uncomfortable making out in front of everyone on the dance floor, althoguh I stay dominant and unreactive on the outside. I say “We’ll go somewhere” and drag her off the dance floor before she can answer. We go to a quieter area with couches….sit down and make her sit on my lap where the makeout and gropping continues….

Afterwards, I start to over think. Now im processing how I’m gonna get her home and fuck her. I never had a ONS or a club pullout so I try to process how I want it to go down ie. logisitics and all that. WRONG MOVE! I know this now. I should just let the chips fall as they may, and worry about this once we leave. After awhile, we go back to her friends, and become less talkative and physical. Why? Because I become too much in my head. The mood between us starts to die. As you can guess, our bubble of love has burst, and after awhile, she begins to talk/flirt with another guy. I see this…dont get mad though…but respond by dancing hardcore with her friends hoping she would get jealous. Doesnt work lol. ANOTHER LESSON TO BE LEARNED! I shouldnt’ve done this. I should have been alpha in this situation, and to take what was mine back. Ohwell…lesson learned….

Overall: I’m excited to get back in the field. I’ll probably go to a bar tonight. I’m proud of how I handled myself for the majority of the night. I was dominant, majorly physical, and was LEADING. It felt so good to lead a girl instead of the other way. If you look closely, I bet that you RARELY see a guy lead a girl so dominantly…and I just felt so powerful doing this. I can guarantee that she enjoyed being with a man who took action and took what he wanted when he wanted it at the time.

This has been and will become more congruent with me as time goes on. I’m a big muscular guy, and being congruent as a dominant physical guy is going to do wonders for me.

If anyone has any feedback/comments/criticism/bashing lol…that would be awesome and I’d love to hear it. I’m just trying to get better at this…and anything received would be awesome…


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