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FR: The “Austrian” Hits Plunge

Posted by fredfierce on August 26, 2008

Song of the Day: Led Zeppelin “When the Levee Breaks”

I choose this song especially because things are becoming together. The pieces are slowly and surely coming together. The water that is my game is going to overflow and finally break through the levee. I know what it takes. When I first started going out with Dave and Jason….I could barely keep my attention on the girl and focused more on the “game” I was spitting. While I did get good reactions, I couldnt see them…I was in another world…not on the same wavelength as the chick I was talking to. We didnt click. But by each week….I’m finally seeing little things. Opportunities float away but not without notice….learning the artform of social dynamics…wondering where I went wrong and vow never to make the same mistake.

NYC has been great to me so far. So much diversity. Local girls and foreign girls that dont speak a lick of english. White girls….black girls….asians….indians. Girls from Ireland…England…Brazil….Russia…Austria. Young girls with ADD who seek validation to sexy cougars who come to this place hoping for a confident young man to fuck them (::cough:: ::cough) I look around….and I think…WOW how can you not get better in such a melting pot of pussy if you’re pushing yourself and making things happen? I’ve started the ignition and let the engine warm up for the past few weeks….now I need to floor it…..

Friday Night: Went to Plunge with Dave and Jason. This was one of the best nights I ever had out. EVERYONE was out 2n….Evenstar, Hiro, LP, GoldenCHild, Indeed, and so many other guys. I promised myself last FR that I would approach the very set I saw and BOOM! I certainly did. Approached a two set from Long Island…and the hottest one was very into me (constantly giggling and playing with her hair), and the other one kinda dug me but she was very shy and quiet. I eventually got into my head and ejected. I shrug it off….I was just glad to get the first set of the night over with.

Opening sets came with ease. A problem I had last week was what Dave had said in his blog…that I was good in sets right near me, and got AA from far away sets. I wasn’t going to let that happen, and I didnt. I went into/winged about 10 sets Friday night, and never got blown out. I approached a lot of 9s and 10s that night, which I’m really proud about. These are the types of really goregous girls that I never imagined myself going up to months ago.

The most memorable set of the night was a girl that I had in the palm of my hands….had that window of opportunity….and jumped into too late. It was funny because it happened by accident. This really cute small blonde chick (8) bumped into me while I was talking to Dave and spilt some of her drink on my shirt. I teased her a little and talked to her for a short time. Dave and Evenstar are with me and start talking to the girl. I dont think much of it…and just chill out…looking around and talking to Evenstar. I notice that she looks my way a few times but again, I dont think anything of it. Then I turn to my right and see Dave slowly push her into me. I’m like to myself “Oh god…what is Dave trying to get me into now” (in a positive way ofcourse)….and all of a sudden…I start leading her to the bar! Like I dont know what I did….I just told her that I’m getting a drink and that shes coming with me. I didnt ask. I just wish it wasnt so crowded because we got broken up a few times. When I eventually reunite with her…me and her are fluff talking and notice that shes REALLY close to me and talking by my lips. I know what she wants. I know what I should do…but I hesitant and get stuck in my head. Damnit lol. She eventually departs and I blew yet another opportunity. Last week with the cougar. This has been driving my fury…letting things slip away like this. It’s lessons learned but i crave the potential glory as well. It seems like this opportunities are also mind fucks. Like…I’m not used to having really really attractive girls dig me. Even when I had my gf…I still never thought I deserved her. It feels awesome that this is happening to me…but its also like WTF??? HOW is this happening? Maybe someone can give me some feedback/advice on how to overcome my “unworthiness” for hot ass bitches like these?

Saturday: The worse of the two nights but still able to gain lessons and value out of it. I was pretty stuck in my head from the beginning of the night. I was tired….didnt approach the very first set I saw…and I kept reading/talking about game all day. THIS IS A BIG NO NO FOR ME FOR NOW ON! I need to disassociate myself with the game as much as possible the night I go out sarging, or else I think too much…thus in my head.

The really good thing that came out of Saturday was using kino more. For example, I jump into a 3 set with Dave and another guy…and start chatting and flirting with one of the really cute ones in the group. When I find out from her that theyre leaving tomorrow to go back to Cali, I joke around that she needs to go crazy…get drunk…and jump on the bar. When she says that she does that sober….I claw her and start leading her to the bar….and she loves me for my escalation. Unfortunately…theyre leaving to go to another bar…but I’m glad I did what I did.

I end up talking with Dave and Jason for most of the night…I’m just not feeling it 2n. I’m so tired from the night before and from the hard workout. But I’m glad I went out. I met this really cute British Indian girl who I really liked…and she was hooked and laughing at what I said. Her friend also enjoyed my prescense. Eventually….like always…the set starts to fizzle…and I can tell that she wanted me to take charge instead of entertaining them for the time being. I can see it in her eyes. It’s too bad also…because I was really into her…and she seems fuckin cool as hell.

Another set inside the bar had a cute blonde girl (7.5) walk by me and Dave. Dave says to open so I do. As she walks by…I tap her on the shoulder and tell her that I thought she was really cute so I wanted to say Hi. As I do this, I grab her hand and pull her hand near my cock as I say this into her ear like Nathan taught us at SC. She smiled and kept walking, but I can tell her that she was kinda into it.

Dave also opens a 2 set of Italian girls…and I decide to wing him. I talk to this really smokin Italian girl….WHO DOESNT SPEAK ENGLISH AT ALL! Holy fuck….I’ve run into this about 5 times in the past 3 weeks. She smiles and again, seems into me…but the communication barrier is there…and me being inexperienced in this area fucks with my head. I know now that when this happens, my intent and non verbal communications have to go WAYYYYY up! Because we dont speak the same language…I cant just tell her shes cute and go from there. She has to FEEL the sexual intent…not hear it.

As the night goes on…I get super tired to the point where I opened a set and just had no idea what I was saying. Not in an illogical funny Alex~ way, but in a “my brain is taking a massive dump” way. For the last set of the night, Dave suggests pretending that I’m from Austria and cant speak English…so he has to be my translator. He opens up a fuckin cutie (9)…and proceeds to tell her that I dont speak English and that I wanted to meet her. I try my best to be dumbfounded and confused while speaking another language….while Dave just makes up crazy shit. She eventually leaves….but we fuckin loved it. I did something way out of my comfort zone…and something completely self assuming. It felt so good.

Conclusion: Each week is getting better and better. This upcoming week….me and Dave are going for the Butterfly Effect….constant approaching and socializing for the first 20 minutes of the night in order to keep the awesome social vibe for the rest of the night. Dave has been getting makeouts…and this game is constantly getting better and better each night we go out. Jason left Plunge with a cougar (jealous!) on Friday and almost got the lay. As for me…Escalation is going to be the focus when I go out for now on. This is one of the key factors that is lacking in my game, and its the missing link that will make my sets potentially turn into RESULTS.


One Response to “FR: The “Austrian” Hits Plunge”

  1. thewarlock said

    Yeah when I heard that girl squeel when you clawed her I knew it was on. Once you get used to going physical sets will be flying open for you.

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