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FR: Pre Birthday Night 1 (Dance Floor Game Epihanies)

Posted by fredfierce on August 15, 2008

I was originally supposed to go out with Dave tonight, but my friend whose leaving for college on Tues wanted to hit a club and buy me some birthday drinks before he went away. This kid is one of my best friends ever, and although he doesnt game or know how to at all, he is a shit load of fun to go out with anyway. I end up going out with his younger brother whose awesome as well (exact replica of McLovin…I kid you not), and two other friends of mine. No girls along with us this week but we bring the goods anyway.

This place is pretty dead when we first get there, so we hang out at the bar. The bartender who I’m in LOVE with (why i didnt get her number yet is beyond me) gives us free shots of some blue shit that no one what it was. I decide to call it Cookie Monster shots for the rest of the night.

The dance floor is DEAD and there are groups of girls just hovering around the floor. We start to get bored and out of state from the dead vibe so me and my friend say FUCK IT…and all five of us just go in the middle of the dance floor and start going crazy, having the time of our lives. This gets the girls excited and they end up joining us. This was really cool for me just because I would’ve never had the balls to start up that shit awhile ago, but I wanted to have a great time with my friends before they leave for school, so we brought the party.

My dance game is getting pretty tight lately. I face the facts like a man…i LOVE to dance. I could be out there by myself or with a group of people…I feel the music flow through me and I’m in my own little world. I’m having fun, plus dancing makes me feel sexual. I’m not being a vulture like so many guys have been doing. I’m not being creepy. I’m not being needy. I’m just one with the music, and I’m a really good dancer. And girls see this. I had at least 5 instances of girls eye fuckin the SHIT out of me on the floor because they love how I sexually express myself out there. I sometimes even picture me having awesome sensual sex with a hot girl to feel it. Whatever I feel, they will feel (Alex~)

Dance floor game is becoming obvious to me now. My RAS on the floor is getting ridiculous. I see right away whether a guy approaching is going to be accepted or rejected. I can see when a girl isnt interested in the guy shes dancing with, but instead looking at me like she wants a piece. I notice how girls almost indirectly game ME. I’ll see them glance at me from a distance, and slowly dance closer to me to try to make it seem like they didnt mean to. They like my friends too because we’ll all being non needy and having a great time….I just wish they could be aggressive. Oh well lol

So I danced with a few hot girls, and it felt really natural. I even got a makeout with one of them. The girl was a little chunky but with a REALLY cute face. She dances with her ass in my crotch for a while…I get bored and turn her around. I’m dancing very sexually with her as if I’m sensually making love to her and we came nose to nose. I grab her by the back of the head and make out with her.

Dance floor game brings out my best combo of Woo and Intent. I’m having a shit load of fun with my friends and being in the moment (wooo), but I’m also dancing with intent. I dont come to them….they see how I’m projecting myself through my expressions, and they become attracted to it.

I was gonna write another article about some insights I had while chatting it up with my trainer at the gym tonight, but I felt like this was more important to post about. I’ll write about it tomorrow.


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