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Goals of 2008

Posted by fredfierce on June 25, 2008

I have been improving my life in many areas. When I watched the Blueprint, it really changed my life and my thoughts. So I came up with a list of things that I wanted to accomplish in 2008. The purpose of this is to always keep improving my life…to make sure that I’m never stagnating. Here a few goals that I’ve created…

1) To drop 15-20 pounds: At the time that I watched the BD, I weighed 202. I’ve been lifting weights 3 times a week, and the other 4 days I’m doing from 45-60 mins of hard cardio. As on Monday, I’m down to 191.

2) To go skydiving: This has always been a dream of mine for years. I’ve always vowed to do this sometime in my life, and what better time than now? Me and my friend are going sometime this summer and I can’t fuckin wait.

3) To read at least 5 books: Since school has ended, I’ve avoided reading books. The only books I’d ever read were wrestler’s biographies. I’ve decided to read at least 5 books this year. So far, I’ve finished A New Earth (which has always changed my life for the better), and I’ve more than half way through The Fountainhead.

4) To become a natural with women: Well as you can tell from my previous post, this area has become the most difficult in my life; but also the most important to me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought to myself that I truly feel this force in me. This sex worthy guy. It is a raging beast stuck in a cage. It begins to emerge, only to have my mind force it back down inside of me. The interactions that I’ve had with women at bars have actually gone pretty well, and I’ve surprised myself on more than one occasion at how well I can be. I feel the natural in me. I know I am, but it has a bunch of social conditioned garbage on top of it. I can’t back down from this. I am indeed a NATURAL man. I want to fully express myself.

I’ve blamed it in the past on my friends. That they didn’t know this information I had, or they didnt have the balls to approach. That’s bullshit. There’s no one else on this journey expect for me. No liferafts, no crutches, no one there to hold my hand. I’ve become destined to do this, and I’ve become destined to express my uber positivity to the world. If anyone is reading this, and would like to leave me an inspiring/encouraging comment, I’d greatly appreciate it.



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FR: Pre Bootcamp – Week 1 Night 2 (6/21/08)

Posted by fredfierce on June 25, 2008

I went out with one of my best friends and a few of his frat brothers that he graduated with. We hit some local bars and such. I only approached one set the entire night, and I’m kinda disappointed in that. The interaction itself went pretty well. But I should’ve done more.

My long lasting problem is that whenever I hit the bar or club, my WOOO! is full blast. So, its really like 90% WOOO and 10% intent. I see plenty of girls that I would love to go over and approach, but I stifle up.

This is got to stop and it will. I didn’t want to write this entry, and I kinda avoided it for a few days. But, I promised myself to write down all my FRs prior to bootcamp. I will be going out Thurs night, and I will push myself.



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FR: Pre Bootcamp – Week 1 Night 1

Posted by fredfierce on June 20, 2008

So I’ve decided that in the month preparation for bootcamp, I’m going to post my FRs up here and to really push myself when I’m out to the bars/clubs. I want to make it a point to get some good enough reference experiences under my belt before I go through this bootcamp. I will post my fieldwork, whether I’m being a pimp or a chode.

So, regular Thursday night ensues for me and my friends. We go to a club called Dublins, which is allows people over 18. I go with a bunch of non-community buddies, and a few close girlfriends. Having girls to hang out there already puts me at an advantage. Instead of chode-crystalizing, we bring these fly ass hunnies to the dance floor, uping our social proof and also allowing my friends something to do besides sit there with a beer in their hands.

So we all go to the dance floor and our bringing the party hard. Our girls are grinding and shaking their asses all over us. For some reason, I have a pair of sunglasses with me, so I decide to put these bad boys on, and shake what my momma gave me. At this point, I’m dancing like the life of the party and the attention is on me. Full nimbus mode already without approaching one set yet. I start to noticed a group of 3 girls slowly dance their way over to my group. I sense whats happening, and they want us to take action. I walk straight up to the group…and they warm up to me. They are all smiling and staring at me, it’s just a matter of which one I want to take. I do a little enny meany minny mo, and I choose a little short blonde girl. I grab her arm and say “Come with me now”, and she obeys. Me and her start hardcore grinding, and shes saying how awesome I smell. I see the other 2 in the set kinda looking over and swaying around like theyre bored/jealous so I try to drag my other friends over to dance. They kinda look at them, and just stand there. After awhile, the set grows kinda bored, and we all disperse. While we are dancing, I try to kiss close her, but I get rejected. I hesitated doing it, and therefore wasnt being congruent with the dominant man I am, and she sensed it. Oh well, lesson learned: Be more aggressive, unapologetic, and most importantly; stay congruent to who you are, dont let pussy shit hold your true self back.

Later on in the night, I start seeing girls I know. I see my sister’s friend who I’m close with, and go to her group. She introducing me to her 2 very cute friends. I chat with my sister’s friend to catch up, and I go back to my group. I should’ve taken one of her friends, but I didnt. Something inside me held me back, and I have to learn to get past that. That’s one of the main things that I want to get over/resolve during bootcamp. I hate that my mind doesnt give me permission to do things, and I have to plow through this.

One of my girlfriends in my group starts to get very flirty and very touchy. I think she is responding to the social proof that I’ve created. I drag her to the dance floor, and start grinding with her. She is having a ton of fun. We are getting very close. We start roleplaying about how our future relationship is only going to involve phone sex. So later in the convo, I respond “Well, you’re fuckin sexy as hell tonight, I’m taking the phone part out.” She laughs and responds, “Well if you buy me a SoCo shot, then we’ll seal the deal”. I just go in unreactive, Boom Makeout. It was a fun little makeout and she’s surprised that we did this considering we’ve known each other for awhile, but she loves it. I didn’t close because I just dont see her in a sexual kind of way. I made out with her because I just felt like doing it. I’m very happy none the less.

Overall, I had a very fun night. The WHOO comes out instantly. In fact, I even did the STOMP STOMP CLAP WHOO coming into the venue. The intent needs to come out now. It’s like an animal in its cage…ready to explode out, and women will fear for their lives and their vaginas. Friday night, I will be going out with one of my best friends with a bunch of guys from his school. This venue will be easier to control. While the place I went to tonight with very loud and clubish, this new bar will be a little less intense, has beerpong tables (always a plus), and the chicks there are a lot more chill and fun.



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Bootcamp Bound

Posted by fredfierce on June 17, 2008

Today I put my $500 deposit down for a bootcamp. NYC….July 18-20. I still can’t believe I’m doing this. I’m really excited and positive about going through this. This will be no magic pill, but I’m willing to put a 100% effort into this and to learn so much from my instructor(s).

I guess I’m somewhat nervous because I dont know what to expect, and I dont know how I’ll be after I’m finished with it. But it also the reason why I’m excited for that weekend to come. I want to shatter through what mentally holds me back from going up to a hottie, and trying to pull her. I know who my best self is. I’ve seen glimses of it, and hopefully this bootcamp will bring me back on the right path.

So for the month of pre-bootcamp, I’m going to go out at least 2 times a week and work on my game. This way I can come to my instructor on July 18th with a small but solid background, with approaching and progress already under my belt.

There’s no more excuses and no more hesitations. Nathan said it best….I’m putting myself into a no way scenario…exactly what I needed. I’m ready.



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It’s coming…..

Posted by fredfierce on June 10, 2008

I got my bonus check at work today. Two grand. Hmmmm….what else costs two grand? Oh yea…a RSD bootcamp


hmmmm…..        🙂

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This weekend

Posted by fredfierce on June 8, 2008

This weekend has been a good step in the right direction in terms of my progress with women. After experiencing some shitty AA on Tues night, I called up my Chicago buddy, Rudey, for some inspiration and to make me snap out of this weird funk.

Nothing life changing happened this weekend. No makeouts or f closes, but I felt a lot more comfortable talking to women at the bars…opening them. The hardest thing for me is the initial opening. I’m sure a lot of guys have the same problem. Once I’m in, I’m fuckin great. I can easily make girls laugh, become physical, etc. A major goal of mine this weekend with getting over that AA of opening up sets. I feel like I did well with doing so. I danced with a few girls, and some numbers.

One thing I did notice is the lack of leading that men do. I can’t even tell you how many times I see girls leading guys around the club. Leading is one of the main traits of a man, and I’ve been seeing so many guys not doing this.

Anyway, I;ve been doing a horrible job updating this thing, and I’m going to make it an absolute point to write up a FR the next morning/afternoon after going out. That way I can accurately described my encounters better, so I can learn from them and people who read this can give me feedback.

I’m also going back to the gym….because I want abs damnit lol. Seriously, I’ve dropped drinking at bars, aside from a bar or two socially, and I feel like it would be a great time to drop about 20 pounds this summer.

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I mean come on…who gives a shit?

Posted by fredfierce on June 5, 2008

I’m sick and because I have my peer review at work tomorrow, I figured it was best to stay in tonight. Now originally this post was going to reflect on a except from the book The Fountainhead that really hit home for me, and related to what I’ve been going through. It was about destroying the ego, and somewhere deep down, I still need to get rid of the very last lingering part of it. Maybe I’ll post about it tomorrow…depending on how I feel and how well I can put decent thoughts together. But tonight, something unexpected happened, and I suppose this a rant/eye opener.

Tonight I wake up from a nap to a text from my ex girlfriend. Now, we’ve been good friends since we broke up and we still are, even after she started seeing someone new. So anyway, she sends me all these texts about how her boyfriend broke up with her today, and that she wants to end her life (shes being dramatic btw…she wouldnt do this), and theres nothing worth living for anymore. I tried to calm her down saying that she has a lot to live for.

Maybe its because I’m sick that this all struck a nerve in me. Maybe because she woke me up from a well-needed sleep, that I thought to myself….WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

Now, dont get me wrong. It’s perfectly acceptable to be heartbroken, and terribly upset about a break up….trust me, I’ve certainly been there before, and it most likely will not be the last time I go through it.

But it was just how much she rambled on with the idea that she had nothing else to live for, and that its useless to stay positive anymore that really bothered me.

Do we read the news? There are people in countries on the other side of the world that don’t know if they’ll wake up alive the next morning. How about the U.S. troops over in Iraq who are not only fighting in a war that we are against in the first place, but have to live in fear of coming near a terrorist with a bomb strapped to his chest.

So step out of this box we call life. We have a home. We have money. We have the opportunity to become anything we want and do anything we want. We have the right to disagree with someone without fear of being executed. We can walk to the deli, order a sandwich, without having to worry whether or not we’ll make it back home alive. We can the opportunity at any moment to improve our lives; whether its with work, friends, women, etc.

I don’t try to judge, because this girl has a lot of awesome qualities, which is why I stayed friends with her in the first place. I believe I am no better or worse than anyone. But I wanted to write this post not really to talk down about her, but I wanted to write this for myself. Over the past few months, I’ve been less stressed and worried because I realized half the shit I did worry about was never worth it.

And this kinda relates to what I’m going through now. I have improved my life a ton in the last few months, but I still have this problem with not allowing myself to go up to a really hot chick and talking to her. So really, after all this…WHO GIVES A SHIT?! It’s a person…just another person….and if she “blows me out”…I’m still alive, and I’m still the awesome person I was 5 seconds before I approached her. I know that whether or not it works out with the person…that I’m still the positive, fun, social, dominant, and caring guy that I’ve always been.

This game is our journey. We have the PRIVLEDGE of being on a journey. Do diamond workers in Sierra Leone have the privledge to emback on a journey? Hell no.

So what I’m trying to end with is this; take the good and the bad as a gift. The bad in life should be valued just as much as the good. Because the bad isn’t really that bad anyway. We should learn and grow from the good and the bad….and having the privledge to do so is a blessing in itself.

haha so there it is…I feel tired and delusional with feeling crappy tonight…. so i hope this kinda made sense to the sane people reading this, because it sounds awesome to me :-p. I’m supposed to be going out tomorrow night, so depending on how I feel, I will type up a FR and keep on moving forward in my journey. Cheers brothas


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The Birthday Girl

Posted by fredfierce on June 3, 2008

Quick little field report because I’m at work typing this, and I don’t have much time to waste. So here it goes…

It’s funny how nights you can take interesting twists and turns when you least expect it. I didn’t plan to go out last night. I had an awesome cardio workout, layed around after, and watched some wrestling. I was about to get ready to work when I get a text from my friend Jill. She was throwing a party at her house for her friend Gilya, who is also pretty good friends with me. I really didn’t want to go, but I was hoping that there would be some decent girls there to game, so off I went.

I would rank Gilya as a 7. She is a really cute girl, with a lot of positivity and good energy, which I love. Me and her have always had this sexual tension between us that I never acted on back in the day. I acted like a chode because I didn’t permit myself to do so. No more of that, fuck that shit.

Throughout the night, we were flirting a lot, and created the bubble of love between us. We roleplayed as bf/gf, and she was loving it. Throughout this roleplay, I half-jokingly said, “I don’t think I can say in public  all the naughty things I’d do to you.” As soon as I said that, something must’ve snapped in her mind, because she got very interested in this. Then she says, “Well how about you tell me in my ear?” with a huge smile on her face. BAM! Window of opportunity arises and its on. Lazer eyes…triangular gaze….BOOM makeout. Surprisingly, she really got into it considering all these people were around.

She texted me on my way home saying what I did was really hot, and that we should chill again soon. She invited me over to her house to watch a movie and bake me cookies. cookies + getting down = happy fred.

Making progress since the superconference. I would’ve never been this open and flirty with a girl back in the day. Back then, I would’ve acted like a chode…flirted a little…beat around the bush and all that shit. Still a little hesitant and uncomfortable doing what I did tonight, but I noticed that it’s becoming easier than it was a week or so ago. Ever since superconfernce, my dominant side has seemed to have broken out of its cave. I also noticed that if you don’t sound like a creep or trying for a reaction, you can basically get away with almost anything, and not get really blown out. I guess it’s true that girls want to be taken…they just want a guy who has the balls and core confidence to do it.

Tonight, I’m going to this club with a bunch of people I know. I normally wouldn’t go to this place…a lot of guidos hang out there, and assholes who like to start shit. But I know they’ll be a lot of hot girls there, and they want to be taken too. I will also try to make my FRs more detailed than this for next time.


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