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Another Year I Grow Older….What have I been doing?

Posted by fredfierce on August 21, 2008

Originially I was going to write up a FR from last Friday, and I plan to still do so. But this past Wednesday I turned 23…and while I was walking to the club that night, I really looked back at how much my life has changed since the year before.

Last year, I was a very confused and depressed guy. My dad had verbally broken me down for years, and up until this point, I was less than a half of my former self. I couldnt remember the last time I was happy. I didn’t have a direction either. I would walk around with so much stress for no reason…and I could never find out why I was like that.

Life couldnt get worse. So I thought. With the light slipping through the cracks of the dark cave…I had an amazing and beautiful girlfriend. Her name was Jessica. She loved me more than anyone ever did. Although she loved me more than anyone ever has, and amazing in bed…I just never felt the same for her as she did for me. We connected physically more than we ever did emotionally. And while her hometown is in NY, she went to school in South Carolina, making the long distance difficult for me. Here is her picture below….

I decided to end things with her because I felt I was stagnating. With the long distance being a factor….I just felt like I plateaued in life….as if I didnt reach my full potential as a man. Although I didnt know what my potential was, or what I was really looking for, I knew that something was lost and needed to be found. Little did I know back then that I really just lost touch with my true self. So I took a big risk. I could’ve easily stayed in my own little comfort weird with my perfect girlfriend, or I could embrace the unknown…to fight the burdens and hardships that my life had accumulated.

Fast forward to today. I looked back at this day…walking to the club…excited for the adventure I was about to embark on. I started to work out hard again….getting myself in great shape. Also for the first time in my life…I fully invested in myself. I spent good amount of money for a RSD bootcamp….which took me way out of my comfort zone…showing me that with hard work and dedication, I can be that sex worthy guy that I know I am. I’ve reconnected with my family, and am working hard at my job. I’ve learned through The Blueprint and Eckhart Tolle the true meaning of prescence, and learning how to walk through life with ease. I no longer stress out about little things, and rarely about big things. I love to go out….no longer sheltered in my room watching my favorite movies and playing my favorite video games. I’ve dropped negative people out of my life, and reconnected with old friends who I originally dropped out of my life for stupid and petty reasons. I can sit outside on my porch…. and just be….happy. I’ve become one of the most positive people I know. Little by little, day by day….I climb the mountain of life…and although it can be difficult at times…I wont stop now.

So another birthday has past. This year will only get better. I’m determined to progress in life and to excel in areas of my life that I choose. The year of being 22 was just the beginning. I intend to make 23 the best year of my life. To finally get what I deserve.



One Response to “Another Year I Grow Older….What have I been doing?”

  1. thewarlock said

    Sorry but I think I scared my neighboors because all I said was HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!!! When i saw that picture. Wow dude much props

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