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FR: Making progress and LIVE Trannies

Posted by fredfierce on August 9, 2008

Song of the Day: Purple Haze by Jimi Hendrix

I feel like even from a weeks time that I’m improving a lot. Didnt pull…Didnt make out…but I did get two numbers. There are still things to improve on, but I’m opening up, and plowing through little by little.

Anyway…met up with Warlock and Raven tonight at Plunge. I’m starting to like this place even though its crowded as hell. Adapt to the environment. I also got a chance to meet some other guys in the community tonight like Love Pirate, The Judge, L Prince, and a few others that I cant recall right now. Everyone seems to be really chill and they bring out positive vibes in their own unique ways. I’m looking forward to meeting up with them again.

I approached close to 10 sets tonight, and I really got blown out two or three times. The first one was a 3 set outside that I quickly was thrown into without having 100% belief…which resulted in the alpha girl dragging her two friends away. POOF gahnnnnn. The other blow outs were a 3 set of asians. I think I came in with too much high energy, when they clearly were waiting to get to the bar not having fun. It’s better to go to their level or slightly higher, but I was like WOOO! STRONGGGG. The last blow out with a girl walking past me when we were smoking outside. I tried to open with a breaking for rapport tone by saying “hey! who are you?!”. The only problem was that I think I came in too strong, instead of being playfully dominant. It was too drill sargant if that makes any sense. The girl gets offended, and I try to play it off as a joke, but she wasn’t having any of it. Lesson Learned….if I’m going to be breaking for rapport, its best not to be too crazy with it.

Some other sets that I remember from last night include…

1. I open this really cute Spanish chick in the corner while her friend was talking to another guy. I come in with a playful smile…pull her in a little and say in her ear “Hey, I thought you were really cute, so I really wanted to come over and meet you”. She instantly lights up, and she becomes really into me from there. I’m clawing her at points to talk into her ear. In reality, the noise is too much for me to hear well…so if I escalate this way…it’s a good excuse to get close. She’s loving me the whole time…and I really dont remember what I was saying. I think she has a bf, but the only reason why I knew is because her friend made an indirect joke about it when I told her that this girl is my new girlfriend. Whatever…I stay unreactive and keep chatting her up. Eventually, I start to get into my head to search for things to say, and I eject. I told her that I need to go to the bathroom, and that I’ll see her later on in the night. I never end up seeing her again. SHIT. why did I eject?! haha I regretted this for a while, because with more escalation and dominance, and she would’ve been done for at least a make out. And she was a cute and really sweet girl, which is perfectly my type. Next time…I stay in there until they leave, and I push the interaction as far as I can.

2. I spot a 4 set of blond COUGARS!~!~! in the bar area. For those who dont know….I ❤ me some cougs. I roll in there with confidence (I’m in pretty high state at this point)…and tell them that they look really cute, and I had to come over and meet them. There are very receptive to me right away, and I find out that it’s one of the cougars birthdays. She is giving me shit a little by not telling me her name, and stuff but I really stay unreactive to her, and instead of getting reactive….I claw her in and say to the group “Wow…I really love this one….I cant get over how adorable she is”. I turn her negativity into a positive. All of a sudden, things change. The fuck me eyes come out, and its blantant that I pass whatever test she was giving me. I claw her in a few times, and shes really into my kino. They laugh when I tell them that I’m gonna be 23. I stay unreactive, but I’m not really sure if thats a congruence test or they just love that I’m confident around them. Maybe someone reading this can give me some insight. Anyway, I end up ejecting again (WHY?!?!?!) and I wish I hadn’t because Raven was about to wing my set for me. FUCK! That could’ve been perfect for me to isolate the birthday cougar. My bad man haha. and WHY I ejected prematurely is beyond me. I guess I started to get inside my head again….but she was DTF for sure…and I blew it. Once again…lesson learned. Just realized that I applied Natural Tim’s ping pong theory without realizing it. She was giving me shit and instead of trying to be witty…I stay unreactive and shoot her back with my positive confident energy.

3. Warlock ends up chatting this really cute Asian girl named Ana. She originally bums a cigarette off me but I end up talking to a community guy while Warlock chats up the asian. I eventually come into the set and he leaves me so I can chat her up. Thanks man ;-). I particuarly liked this set a lot because it was the first time in a while since joining the community that I REALLY was interested in talking to a girl…instead of doing it for my game. We clicked right away….with a similiar sense of humor..same age…a lot of the same commonalities and values. We eventually exchange numbers and she tells me that next time I’m in the city that we should go for coffee. So yea…I’ll see how true that holds up. I got some kino in but I definately could have turned it up a notch easily, as she was really into me.

Anyway…i end up leaving around 1:30 to catch the train home…and on the way out I spot 5 trannies walking into the club. WOW…this was the first time I saw trannies in real life, and I was just amazed at how good looking they actually were….no homo haha. From a distance they looked like models until I hear their deep voice and adams apples haha. It was just a funny experience…not necessarily one that I want to revisit again soon lol.

I had a great time with the guys tonight, and I’m really starting to get comfortable in cold approaching. I want to keep the momentum going from bootcamp so it’s imperative to keep going out constantly to improve. Warlock had a couple of really good sets last night…and he def seems to be making a lot of progress since superconference. If you’re reading this man, I love going out with you guys….It’s only gonna get better from here. I’m slowly using more and more kino…and I really need to push my sets as hard as I possibly can. Fuck it if I get blown out. The harder I push past my boundaries, the better I’m going to get.

I’ll be writing again soon. peace


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