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FR: Lessons Learned

Posted by fredfierce on August 22, 2008

Song of the Day: Sublime “The Wrong Way”

Due to Dave’s boredom at work and my stupidity for sleeping in tonight, it is without furthur ado that I post my field report from last Friday.

Me, Dave, and Jason meet up out front of Plunge. This is the first time that I ever needed girls to go into a place, but I wasn’t going to let that affect my state. I was excited to see what the night would bring, and the interesting people I’d meet. So I walk up to a 2 set of really pretty latina girls, and get them to walk in with us.

I felt a bit stifled when I got there. I think that I’m gonna have to follow Tim’s advice, and approach the first girl I see. It might blow up, it might not….but getting the first approach out of the way, and starting things off right is going to push me in the right direction. Usually I’ve been hanging outside for awhile having a cigarette…which is going to make approaching a set that much harder. Also I’m going to have to approach MORE sets. Instead of approaching a set…walking back to my friends…hanging out, and then going to find another one…I should just be on the outlook always.

Friday night I didnt open many sets. I was very much in my head that night for no reason. I cant come up with one, but I guess everyone has their good and bad nights.

Memorable sets include me approaching a 2 set of girls, one from Brazil and London. Maybe this is common for NYC, but whats up with all the Brazilian girls? Just seems kinda random to me. Anyway, things went pretty well with them for awhile…and they kept trying to tool me and trying to suck me into their frame for no reason. I can’t make out why they would. Maybe because they were with their brothers? I opened them up directly telling them that they were really cute, so maybe it was a congruence test? The only cool thing that came out of the set was that I successfully defended myself from AMOGs. I introduced myself to the two brothers, and were very cool with them, but they kept trying to tool me. They said that they wanted to name me Twinkletoes or something like that….but I looked at them with a weird look, and said “what the fuck does that even mean” with a smile, and ignore them for the rest of the set. And they backed off! Later on I realized what I did…and on bootcamp this was a problem for me. There would be sets that when the guy friend came in, I tried to befriend him too much, so that by the end of the set, I would be sucked into the girl and guy’s frame. I’m proud of myself for that one.

Another set was a very hot 2 set of cougars. Man…this one haunted me for the rest of the night. I approach them and start bullshitting with them…finding out where theyre from…and I find out that theyre sister in laws. Okay…so one of them is married but I dont think much of it. One of them was a really cute dirty blonde milf who was my target originally, and the other one was a really hot brunette cougar. The brunette one is more receptive to me but I dont think much of it because I like the other one. So we talk for awhile, and I get them hooked. A few minutes later, the blonde girl tells me that shes gonna go get a drink at the bar. I automatically think that she’s ejecting and that was the end of it. So I naturally say that I’m going to go back to my friends anyway and it was great meeting them. But the thing was that the hot brunette never left to go with her. I thought they were both gonna leave me…and when I was walking away…I looked back at them. The blonde one gave the brunette a look like “what the fuck did he just do? what an idiot”. FUCKKKKKKK I was so pist. I didnt realize until then that the blonde mustve been the married one, and she was going away for a while, so I could isolate the brunette. Man…just typing this still annoys the fuck out of me. The two of set came into my area again about a few minutes later….I’m guessing to give me another opportunity to redeem myself, but it was over. My state dropped like a steaming shit.

Since bootcamp, I’ve approached two sets of cougars and I’ve noticed that unlike younger girls….theyre not all about cockblocks, and petty bullshit that most girls pull. They will openly and genuinely help each other out to get laid. If you read a past FR of mine (FR: Making progress and LIVE trannies)….I approached a 4 set of cougars, and none of them gave me shit (except the bday girl…but I got her into me after passing her test), as they wanted their birthday girlfriend to get laid. Just like this blonde milf wanted her sister in law to get laid. They wont make a big deal about things. They know what they want, and they’re not all about games and bullshit. She easily set me up to ravish her sister in law, and I was too oblivious to realize it.

By the end of this set I was miserable. I dont like making ridiculously obvious mistakes but with more field experience, I will pick up more on this. It’s just lessons learned. I opened a set or two here and there, but it was just over at this point. I was about to leave when Dave pulls me into a 2 set with Brazilian blondes, and tells me about her tattoo. For some reason, I get rejuvenated and end up talking to this girl for about half an hour, maybe more. She was def a 9 in my opinion, and I really had a great time talking to her. Her name is Maglia. Speaking of her, I dropped her a text tonight, and she ended up calling me and chatting for about 5 minutes. Anyway….we roleplayed as a married couple and then divorced. I tease her a lot, but I also get to know her really well. Turns out, she was previously engaged even though shes only 24. I got her laughing a lot, and she is really receptive to me. Dave helps me out in the set by taking wedding pics of her. Dave…get those pics up already! haha. Anyway, after talking for awhile, she said “well I think you should get my number, what do you think?” OFCOURSE! This was the first time I was number closed by a really hot girl, and it was a bit of a mindfuck for me. BTW..the whole time we’re talking….we were very close to each other….and I tried to kino her anytime I could. Anyway….I ended up leaving her around 1:30 to go home.

Although it was a “bad night” state wise….I did have good moments as well as some horrible moments (cougarssssss)…..but it’s part of the process and I accept that. I’m lucky to learn from my mistakes, and I cant wait until a few months from now…because with going out with Dave and Jason more…we’re gonna become a really sweet combo.

Anyway….I’ll be going out tomorrow. I was gonna stay on the island, but I think I should hit up the city to make up for tonight.



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