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Sat Night with Warlock…and Misc. stuff

Posted by fredfierce on August 7, 2008

Whats up to anyone reading this? I’ve been meaning to update, but I dont have internet at my job anymore…so trying to find time to write is hard.

Saturday it hit the big city to meet up with Warlock and his buddy, Raven at Plunge. It was good seeing Dave again since superconference….with both of us changing since the last time we saw each other. He’s gained more confidence and happiness (or so I think? lol help me out dave…give me a better insight), and I’ve just came off of a grueling bootcamp a few weeks back. I met Raven that night, and he seems like a very chill and fun guy, hopefully I’ll see him again soon.

Dave pushed me into sets, and I’m glad he did. Although I’ve gained more confidence in opening sets…I still need that little push from a buddy to get past the rest of the AA i go through. Eventually the AA will be gone.

I approached a little more than 5 sets that night. Nothing sarge-irific, but considering I wasnt there long anyway, I was happy about that. It was also good to have Dave there because I tend to get lost in the set. What I mean is that I’m so much concentrating on the set and the work of my game, that I dont see how to girl reacts or the attraction I get. Appearantly, I did get alot of initial attraction from girls until the sets fizzled out (damn me for not escalating/dominating lol). So it was good to have an outside perspective of how my game is while in set. NOW….this sounds bad. I realize that ONE- I’m being reactive. Meaningggg that I’m SOOO concentrated on getting the right reaction that I’m not concentrated on the girl. TWO- I’m missing out on her feminine energy. Her tits and ass. Her amazing hair. Her beauty and personality. THATS what I should do. To feed off her sexual energy. This will come in time….and making a conscious effort to do so will make me pimper by the day lol This was also a problem during bootcamp as well. Saad told me that on numerous occasions, I had girls that were really into me, playing with their hair and shit…but I was so concentrated on the set going well that I didnt pick up on this. This will change my friends.

I realize that going into the city at least once a week is going to improve my game big time. Dont get me wrong…Long island bars have a LOT of hot chicks, but NYC is a different atmosphere. You have to dress really well…its classier….and its a less intense environment. Girls are sitting down with their crew at expensive tables. I love it there…and the girls are tougher to game. Getting exposure to different surroundings will make my game better.

so thats that. In other news in Fredamania…I realized tonight going to the gym that its been almost 3 years since I’ve been in love. It kinda made me sad. I’ve only been in love once. She broke my heart….and I’m sure I wrote about this in a previous post so I wont go much into it. I got into this game to get amazing with women, and to become that sex worthy guy. I still do. But I would ultimately want to love someone again. This time it’ll be different. I wont be in love to fill up the emptiness inside me. I will be offering my girl with an amazing world full of value and caring.

Anyway….PINEAPPLE EXPRESS TONIGHT! Thurs-Fri-Sat will be intense though. I will push myself through the unknown…and I wont always have a friend to push me into it. Wish me luck lolol



One Response to “Sat Night with Warlock…and Misc. stuff”

  1. thewarlock said

    Im always happy when I sarge its exciting as hell. When I dont have the energy or have the bad luck of being with a bad wing (luckly thats rare) then thats another story. You did awesome that night dude. That spanish girl with the glasses really fucking dug you.

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