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FR: Bad night and good night

Posted by fredfierce on September 18, 2008

Went out Friday and Saturday with the usuals…

Friday: Friday wasn’t much of a productive night. I only really open up a few sets in the night. The first set I walk up to two blondes, fairly good looking, and just try to introduce myself, but stumble all over my words. Wow….I lost it before I could get the set going. Other than that, I open a few sets here and there with not much enthusiasm put into it or thought. Not thought as in, inside your head; no thought as in my brain doesnt want to come up with anything lol. Just completely stifled/brain dead the whole night.

I’m coming up with a couple of things to make sure this doesnt happen again. I started to exercise regularly again. I have a trainer I see a few times a week, but I’ve begun to do an hour of hard cardio on the other days of the week. I think doing all this will not only keep up my energy level and testosterone levels, but it’ll also keep me out of that logical side that runs through me all week doing accounting. I’ve also decided to talk with friends on the phone on the train ride over. I want to also either talk to people on the subway/talk to the taxi driver on my way to the venue. Talking up a storm before I hit the venue will start up the butterfly effect way before I actually get to the bar. Not being talkative the whole day, and then hitting up a high energy environment and to expect to just open up sets is very very difficult to do. All week, I work in a very logical environment, and getting out of that is difficult to do. Obviously I wont be quitting my job anytime soon, so I’ll have to take alternate steps to snap out of that. I’ll keep you updated in future FRs.

Saturday: Complete 180 from Friday night as far as being social and unstifled. On the train ride to the city, I saw a friend that I hadnt seen in months so it was great catching up with her. It kept me in the talkative mode, and no longer seclusive ipod mode haha.

Me and Dave get to plunge, and I spot an older woman standing by herself. I thought she was cute so I took the initiative to approach. I open her direct right off the bat….but her husband is here and shes not so interested. Not a big deal….I let it roll off my shoulder, and I fluff talk with her for a while. I eject, and go back to Dave where we talk, and greet other guys there like The Judge, Distant Light, Adonis, Hiro, etc. Practically all the RSD and NYS guys are out tonight, which is cool.

I pop open a few sets here and there, not amounted much of anything besides a short stent of attraction, followed by fizzleness. My boy Dave gets two k closes that night. HELL YEA BUDDY! I cant wait for Dave to pull regularly. I think he will start doing this sooner than you think. He wants it badly….and he’s drastically getting better each week. Plus he put a deposit down for a future RSD bootcamp with Jeffy. Oh man…I’m so excited for him.

I saw a couple of cute Asian girls from a distance…I notice that two of the girls are being gamed by some PUA, and it looks on. Then I see the third Asian chillen by herself, so I figure I should make her night. I open up by introducing myself, and find out that…SHE DOESNT SPEAK ANY ENGLISH!!! Like maybe just Hi, and her name,….but that’s it. Wow…I hate this already. But she seems interested. Even though we’re not on the same conscious communication level….there’s a little bit of spark. I make up nonsense for a while, and make her laugh. I’m kinoing her a lot….I’m clawing her a lot…and taking pictures with her…having a great time. I realize that her drink is finished….so I lead her to the bar to buy another one for her. I normally dont buy girls drink…but she was really nice and genuine, and I thought we had something going on. I do this to get the girl…I do this because thats what I felt like doing. I grab her hand, and lead her to the bar….and after lead her to a secluded part of the bar. I feel like its on…and I go for the k close, only to get rejected. She gets all surprised and just says “I’m Japanese”….which I really dont know what to make of that. She is super shy, but she sticks around for a little bit longer. She later leaves to find her friends. I wish the k close would’ve went down because her friends were really cheering for us to get something going. Oh well….I kinoed, I lead, I self amused….did a lot of things right…just sometimes its not there. We move on…

During the night, me and Dave end up talking to a pair of Australian women. I made the mistake of trying for rapport…and seeking value…instead of self amusing and just being chill. I kinoed which is good, but I felt needy….like I needed to set to work out. I shouldnt’ve been like this, but I learn from my mistakes.

By the bar, I open up a black chick by the pool window. I tell her that me and her are gonna grab something large…break the window…and go skinny dipping. She loves me right away…laughing her ass off, and kinoing me hard. We joke around for a while….as shes from Bed Stey and I’m from the suburbs, so we roleplay as a couple, which was really funny. I find out that she’s there meeting potential clients….so although I’m kinoing a lot…I know that a kiss or pull isnt going to be so obtainable. I should’ve gotten the number, but I never seem to think of that while in set, unless the girl says something about it. I should make of a note to do that.

I walk outside to see Dave and Distant Light talking it up to a 3 set. I notice one of the girls chillen by herself not engaged in the conservations, so I make it a point to jump in and start something. I forget her name….but shes a lawyer from Brazil. Shes pretty cute, and def my type. I joke around with her….and self amuse myself by convincing her that I got arrested last week for streaking on my block, and that she can be my lawyer. She actually believes me…but I think it’s because she doesnt get my humor. I’m really sarcastic…and maybe its me…but I feel like it doesnt go over as well in foreign sets than with American girls. My friends end up leaving the set to look for mo hotties. Her two friends say that they’re going to the bathroom…and ask if she wants to come. She says no….which is a very good sign for me. We fluff talk for a while, getting to know each other, and I fizzle the set out. My problem is transitioning to a kiss…it seems so awkward in my head…and it really isnt. Anyone reading this, just to give me some advice on this. So after awhile, I see that look on her face…its the FRED PUSSY LOOK! Meaning…shes disappointed because shes given me the opportunity to lead her to that next level…and I dont step up to the plate. Ahhhh I cant count how many times I’ve seen that look in the past 2 months. I need to learn and apply the saying “Get blown or blow it up”….by some PUA. I should either be leading to the pull or getting blown out of set. It’s a tough thing to apply, but all the great guys in this game have done it, and I will try as well.

Over the night, I open up a few other quick sets that I dont really remember much. After awhile, I started to get burnt out and hungry, and end up talking to Dave, DL, and other guys for awhile. It’s great seeing these guys….as we all kinda have an unspoken bond with each other. It’s like we know we’ll all there to improve our lives…and we have the same goals and pursuits….and we’re not there to purposely fuck each other over.

Me and Dave end the night with an awesome meal at a nearby diner. On the elevator ride down, we end up talking to 2 cute girls..and invite them out with us to get something to eat. They say they have to visit there friend bartending, but they seem to be hesitant and upset to leave. I say that we’ll stop by later to free drinks from there, and they tell us to come by. We forget….Shit lol

All in all…Satuday WAY better than Friday. Less in my head, and the talking with people way before the club/bar seems to be successful so far. I’ll have to try it out a few more times to see if it works for sure.

I’ll leave you with this….

Glory times await us….

See you next week


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