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FR: Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!

Posted by fredfierce on September 12, 2008

Saturday started with an uplifting phone call from Dave, after feeling bummed out the past couple of days. Part of it had to do with the stress of work the past week…part of it was my chodey mindset trying to shadow my confidence. Dave explained something that Ozzie said…”Everyone at the club has the same value”. A girl can be hot as hell and have high value at first, but once you get to know her, she may have bad breath or work at Dennys. I forgot about this concept, and it definitely made me feel better hearing it again.

At night, I meet up with Dave and Raven. We hit up Park at first and its dead. Okay. Then we hit up Plunge. It’s kinda dead due to the bad weather, but I do pop open a few sets to get my state up. I’m just trying to approach right off the bat. I’m still at the point where I wont approach every set I want to. I see a lot of cougars at Plunge tonight, and just stifle up and dont approach them. I just have to step up and do it.

Then we hit up a couple of other places in the meatpacking district. We hit up Gaslight District. VERY CROWDED! I accidentially open up a set because I thought they said something to me when they didnt, so I went to approach. Right off the bat they tooled me…trying to make fun of my long hair, as if I really give a shit. I can just tell that they’re sucky people to be around. Everyone is having a great time, talking with each other, and these two girls are just sitting there thinking theyre high and mighty. I’m pist that I ended up talking to them. I stay unreactive, and just kinda stop talking to them because I didnt really plan to in the first place. They try to reopen me again, and I just dont really care at that point. Dave ends up chatting with them for a few minutes. I still hear whats said, and all of a sudden, I see the brunette kinda slap Dave. At first, I thought she was doing that for no reason but to be a bitch, but I later found out that Dave got a zinger on her, so PROPZ!!! lol We get tired of Gaslight, and walk to Park.

We go back to Park again, and NOW its poppin. I open a few sets that aren’t memorable. The only thing I can really note is that my unreactiveness is getting a lot better lately. I just dont let stupid girly comments bother me. I dont see it as them dissing me…I just see it as a unconscious test screening….to see if im legit or not. And even when they do something I dont care for…I just say something like “jeez youre weird” and go right back to the convo at hand. I’m trying to implement Tim’s net theory into action. Before we leave, I see a really cute Asian girl texting her friends. I say to myself “I want that” so I go over to her and open by saying “I thought she was cute, so I had to come over and meet her…I’m Fred”. She seems pretty receptive to this, but also says she just got there and she is looking for her friends. I dont think I did anything wrong….she may have just been in a different mindset.

After a little while, we hit up Plunge again. Theres a ton of people there now that the rain has cleared. Matt from Superconference is at Plunge again, and always great to see him when he comes out. He’s really progressed after coming back from Europe for the summer…as he gets MAJOR attraction and hooking in literally any set he walks into. Good shit.

I smoke a cigarette outside talking to Dave as he feels stifled the whole night. I try to encourage him the whole night, with me pushing him into sets to pump his state up, which kinda works. All of a sudden, he opens up a HOT asian with great tits. Shes with her friend….and the next thing you know, I start flirting with the asian. Sorry Dave….I didnt even mean that lol. Something snaps in me though. I really want this girl…and I claw her and I’m all over here. She’s digging me but shes pretty drunk at that point. I’m just talking jibberish, making her laugh, and I feel like I get something out of her, whether a makeout or pull. But then, I get in my head. Doh. I pull back because I realize how close I am to kissing that hot ass asian. Soon after that, her and her friend leave.

I’M PISTTT!!!! I was so close, and couldn’t believe that I let a girl like her pass me by. I FELT THE FURY! I was literally shaking because I was mad at myself. The intent was full throttle, as I wanted to go back and get what I had deserved. I go walking around and find her again inside. I plow through, and claw her immediately…and start flirting with her. We joke around again and we’re very close AGAIN…and i pull back AGAIN! AHHHH!!! She then grabs her guy friend, and the 3 of them eject.

For those 5 minutes of fury, I felt like The Hulk. I just morphed and got very focused and intentful. I’ve always tried to stay level headed, but that set drove me to a rage that I dont like getting to. I used to get that way when my dad would do shit to me or my family. But this time, it was a positive rage….a more intentful and productive one, and I dont regret feeling this way.

Now….I’ve been talking to Dave, and his sticking point so to speak, is letting go of the ego. I sent him a link to Alex~’s blog that deals with that in much depth, but I’ve had a thought or two the past hour. Alot of people talk about getting in state. “How do you get in state?”…”can you be in state all the time?” etc etc. A lot of guys get frustrated because they think about getting in state so much, that it only gets them in their head worse than they were before.

That’s how I see Dave’s fight to drop the ego. Dave…I know you’re reading this lol probably at work….but I think you just need to stop worrying about it. The more you think about letting go of the ego, the harder and more difficult its gonna be to do it. It’s counter productive to get analytical and logical about it. It wont happen in one night. You wont walk up the next day and be like “OH! ego is gone…yes!”….and when this ego ever does leave….thinking about it and realizing it will only bring it back. I think you just need to think about progress, which is great btw, and the goals that you want to achieve. Your mindset transformation will gradually get to the place you want. I hope that helps man lol

ANyway…I’m off to bed…goodnight


One Response to “FR: Backstreets Back ALRIGHT!”

  1. thewarlock said

    Not work, just got back from my Thursday night out. Your right I shouldn’t over analyze but at the same time i shouldn’t ignore the problem, its finding that middle ground that is what will push me to the next level. I find that I tend to push really hard and then get tired and relax before a jump to the next level. Right now im pushing, I’ll get there i know, its in my grasp I just need to relax. Also yes that asian had nice tits. But whatever its just girls. So no biggie for taking my target.

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