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When All Else Fails….Remember Your Past

Posted by fredfierce on September 10, 2008

I was gonna write a FR tonight, but on the way home from the gym…I started thinking about how down I was last week about my game…and ended up having a huge epihany…so I posted this on RSDN. Here it is…

Before we got into the community, we didn’t have confidence. We had limiting beliefs about our looks, our personalities, our financial situation, and we thought we had low value. CHODE-LYNESS. We tried every piece of advice (movies, parents, music, novels) to win that special little gal over with no success. But too bad… she was off riding the cock of that “asshole”, who she “never deserved to be with”. We thought things would just…WORK ITSELF OUT…and we’d finally be happy.


But then we found the community. We found routines or natural game. We started approaching at clubs and bars…putting ourselves on the line. We NOW demand change. We NOW decide that something must be done before life passes us by. Our tired of the ways life has gone thus far, and now we’re taking right action.

But then we realized that it wasn’t as easy as we thought. We go “sarging” for weeks and months with little success. We have great nights and horrible nights. Girls blow us out, they curse at us, they turn they’re backs. But once in awhile, we’ll get that number. YAY! We’ll get that makeout or close. Darnit….but I’m in the COMMUNITY now….pulling girls should be easy! 😦

So what do some people do when things aren’t going ideal? “I thought I was gonna be a mega pimp by now!~!1”. They go bye bye….they disappear into the sunset…but not before they officially announce to the message board that they’re bye bye. Peace DragonSlayer69. Kiss my pee pee.

Why did they leave?


Their chode limiting beliefs disappear, but they’re new GAME limiting beliefs emerge. Back in the day, it was “I dont have that amazing job or car to pull chicks”. Now they believe, “I’m not alpha or dominant enough….it’s just not me!”

They don’t appreciate their current improvement of transformation. Instead of thinking “Hey….back 4 months ago, I wouldn’t approach a cute girl….but now I’m taking charge of my life….I’m going out 3 days a week…and with positive self critique and consistency…I know I’ll reach my goals”; they’ll just get frustrated and down on themselves because of they’re own success barriers.

But to some people, that’s not good enough. And quite frankly, they’ll never be happy because they’ll never be “good enough” in any situation.

Let’s use a hypothetical situation. Let’s take an introverted guy and call him Gary. Gary joined the community and learned pick up six months ago, and when he first started….he was creepy as hell, but at least putting himself out there. He had no social skills whatsoever. But he didn’t give up. He consistently went out 3 nights a week, and approached 5-10 girls a night.

Fast forward six months to today. He’s starting to get pretty good. He can get a decent amount of numbers…he’s had a few makeouts, and even pulled once. Fuck yea. But he’s not that sex worthy guy. In sets, he’s entertainer man…and at times…he tries too hard for a good reaction. But he has come a long way, and went from creepy to entertainer. With enough consistency and practice, he will be SO close to becoming full circle into being a natural. Sure…he could argue or be frustrated that he’s not a natural, but he’s made a complete 180 degree transformation from six months ago. He could say he doesnt have what it takes to be a true natural, and give up. But instead…he stays positive…and looks back at his life before joining the community, and truly appreciates where he is NOW. Gary will keep on with his journey.

Remembering your past, and where you come from originally will always keep you upbeat and positive in this game

Because when you’re pist that you got blown out, or when you fucked up a pull with a hottie at a bar….you can look back to the past, and remember when that the ability to approach or pull wasn’t REMOTELY close to your old reality. When you believe you should leave this community because you’ll never be good enough, go back to the time where you cried over that girl, or stalked her at her house late at night…..laugh at it…and say to yourself “Wow….how far I’ve come”

Just because your standards of life has changed, doesn’t mean you should give up when new challenges come your way.

Appreciate the transformation…the journey…the process…the adventures.

How could you ever go back?



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