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LR: Put those Divorce Papers to use

Posted by fredfierce on September 8, 2008

Hey posted this on RSDN earlier…and FR about this weekend will come tomorrow night…anyway….

So while I’m going out 3-4 nights a week…I’ve also been messing around with online stuff. I ended up getting the number of a 37 year old ( about 5’3, brunette, decent shape)

We ended up going to a park tonight around 9pm. She knew my intentions before hand as I made myself clear through messages that I wanted a friends with benefits, and no way a girlfriend. I also knew beforehand that because we hadn’t talked that much before the meet up…that I was going to have to build a good amount of comfort between us before any heavy escalation would be involved. On the other hand….I didnt want any escalation at all…so I would have to slowly ease into it.

We meet up, and right off the bat I give her a really big hug, and kiss her on the cheek, very close to her lips. We fluff talk for a few minutes….and grab her hand while we walk. I do this without thinking….not to make a deal out of this…but as if this is a normal thing I do with girls. I felt like grabbing her hand, so I did it…no questions asked and no hesitation. I find out that she got divorced in March, after she found out that her husband cheated on her. Bummer

I’m escalating really well in such a low energy environment. I tease her a little during our convo, and give her THE CLAW as if its just my natural self. I realize now that I’m using words to describe physical escalation with phrases such as “as if” or “as if this is a normal thing to do”. The reason why I say this is becase I’m getting used to getting physical with women I meet right away, so i’m really “doing” rather than it being a natural extension of self expression.

Anyway, I see a park bench next to this pond so I tell her that we’re gonna sit down here. When we sit down…we dont talk as much…we’re just being one with the scenery in front of us and the connection we built in such a small period of time. Normally I would try to fill the silence with useless convo, but I’m learning that silence can be more powerful than words (Thanks Ryan in your blogpost lol). We eventually meet eye to eye, and I go in for the makeout. Its a go. I touch her all over, and I grab the hair at the back of her head (SIDENOTE: I’ve been doing this A LOT in my makeouts lately, and it’s highly effective in being dominant. The milf in this story said later on that she thought it was really manly). So after making out for a while, I tell her “Let’s go to the car”….and start walking there without her acceptance. Leading is key. We go into her car….and GLORY TIMES!

After I finish on her, she searches for a towel or any paper to wipe up the mess. She ends up finding a copy of her divorce papers and cleans up my mess with them. While she does this she says “How appropriate”. PEACE OUT CHODE EX HUSBAND!

After our glory times, we go for another walk in the park to smoke a cigarette. She opens up a lot more to me, and she’s a really cool chick. I end up telling her a lot about the stories of my past, and it seems like we have a lot in common. We walk her back to her car…kiss her goodnight….and agree to meet up at her house later in the week when her kids are visiting her husband.

Things I’ve learned:
I needed to lead her when where we both wanting to go besides the age difference
Being physical isnt hard…and it shouldnt be as complicated as we make it

And most importantly….girls want to be fucked. This woman’s ex husband had cheated on her. I can’t imagine how someone can feel after having that done to them. I can imagine that she felt so low about herself and so unattractive. And when we said our goodbyes, she said “Thank you so much for tonight”. She didnt say it to just say it, but I could truly feel pure sincerity when she said that. I was the first guy shes been with since her divorce. I made her feel more like a woman again tonight…and more attractive. Writing that really puts a smile on my face…because maybe for her…it wasnt just a fuck. Maybe it just one night where she really felt special again. For one night…she could just let go and be happy again. You cant put a price on that.



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