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Stepping it Up

Posted by fredfierce on September 3, 2008

Okay so I’ve been meaning to write this post since last week but since talking to David today, I feel like its finally time to write this. Me and him were talking last night…and he was telling how pist he was on Sunday night after reading The Judge’s 30 day challenge post BC report. I too have been following it through RSDN…and we’re both feeling the fury. I think its without saying that we’ve both made progress…and we know we can kick it up a notch. So I’m listing a guideline for all sets….

1) Kino must be used! There must be some physical contact initiated by me besides the formal handshake. If not done….the person will be forced to be chode slapped (stolen from TheJudge and GoldenChild)…punishing them for acts of pussery.

2) In every set…you must be either getting her number or trying to make out with her. The latter of the two is recommended more, but both are suitable. This way…it will be escalating into something instead of chodeservationland.

3) At the entrance of each venue…you MUST approach the first set you see. Taken from the Flawless Natural. It doesnt matter if it hooks or blows out. We dont care. Approaching right off the bat will allow you to stay out of your head and to set the right tone for the night.

4) We must be in sets for the first 20 minutes of the night. Also taken from the Flawless Natural.

5) You must approach YOUR hottest girl at the club. It’s YOUR 10! Not your wings or other peoples.

Those are the guidelines. Pushing myself out at that comfort zone. The rules have been set. I’m also writing this after talking to Rudey. I explained my problem with escalating….and he explained back to me that its so important. You will either get blown out or get laid. I can deal with that. It’s better than not pulling at all, and every conservation fizzle when i HAD the chance for something if I lead it that way. We’ll see how this goes in next FR


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