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FR: Married Women Everywhere!

Posted by fredfierce on September 1, 2008

Met up with Dave and Caramel last night. Before I meet up with them…I open a really cute brunette girl on the train seat next to me. I asked her about her Iphone…and we got to talking for a few minutes. Unfortunately, her next stop was right away…and she seemed really disappointed and hesistant that she had to get off. I was just glad that I had the balls to open a really attractive girl without having someone to tell me to do it.

Half an hour later….all 3 of us hit up Plunge. Slightly in my head…but I have a feeling that tonight would be a fun night. I decide to hit up a 4 set of milfs as a warm up set. Walk in saying “Hey I thought you girls looked adorable over here….I just wanted to meet you” or something like that. I’m kinda in my head…and I think they could tell, but talk to me for a few minutes anyway. I find out its one of their birthdays…and we joke around for a little bit. Dave comes in to wing…and goes for the girl who doesnt talk AT ALL lol. Not in a bitchy way though…just as a mega shy way. Anyway….5 minutes later, the set starts to lose steam and we eject.

Dont really do much afterwards….we’re not really feeling Plunge tonight. We all 3 chat for awhile…and Dave ends up opening a 5 or 6 set bachlorette party. All the women are from Long Island….probably 10 mminutes from me…which was something cool to talk about for a while. Dave and Caramel talk to the fiance girl and her sister for a while…while I talk to the 3 other girls. I finally felt warmed up…and fluff talked about Long Island for a little bit. I’m hardcore into one of the married chicks…who is the fiances sister in law. We bullshit about her kids (probably wasnt a good idea in hindsight)….and we just joke around a lot. She asks me a few times about my age…and is really surprised at how young I am. I stay completely unreactive. I think with having a cougar/milf preference…you just hear this way too much. I just dont care anymore…and in the past…I just learned that its just a stupid congruence test anyway. Everything I say at this point is GOLDEN. She laughs at everything I say….and keeps touching my arm. I should have lead her to the bar to isolate her and at least go for the makeout. Being married though kinda fucks me up for that. Its a weird dilemma I suppose… I forget about that as maybe hookin up is something she probably wanted to do anyway or do i stick to my morals? Lately…I’ve had this mentality like THIS year would be the time that I finally just dont care what “stops” me from getting with who I want to just doing it.

After awhile…we depart and head all the way over to Sutton Place. Hate it. End of story. I was told that there were a lot of LI girls there….which I didnt mind at first. WOW how I was naive. Now disclaimer: LI girls are not all bad….I’ve met quite a few awesome ones…and it should never stop anyone from trying to meet them. BUT this place was all the quality traits that are bad about these type of girls packed into one venue. Just very stuck up. The only good thing about going there was that I got to meet up with Saad again. Anyone just starting to read this, Saad was my RSD bootcamp insturctor last month. We caught up from the last time we saw each other, and all that stuff. He was really happy to see me…and knew from a couple of FRs/LRs on RSDN that I’ve been improving since bootcamp. He told that at this place, you have to be very direct and aggressive to pull these girls. At this point, I started to get in my head because I realized what I was up against. I’m not that type of guy…YET. I believe deep down that I can be…and I will be….but being in this for a very short amount of time might be a difficult thing for me. I opened maybe 2 sets in there…and completely bombed. I laugh at it now…but I was slightly pist back then. They all came with their chody preppy asshole boyfriends…and we’re just not that type of guy. Thank god.

We soon left Sutton Place…and hit up a few smaller bars. Met up with a few cougars outside of this Irish bar…and properly demonstrated the Shopping Cart Dance :-). I do it for them once and they love it….and they want me to keep doing it. I decline politely to not be sucked into that dancing monkey frame. I chat up with a few of the cougars, who are visiting from North Carolina and Texas. I kino the blonde cougar a lot…and shes really into me. We decide to get out of there at some point to get food…and they were leaving to get back to their hotel. Oh well…I mean I dont think I was gonna get the pull from them.

We also hit up a few other bars before and after the cougars with Achilles and his friend (cant remember his name). I wing a set for Achilles…and was very proud of myself for the short amount of time we were there. I roll up to a really cute brunette girl with an awesome hat…and compliment her on it. Shes slightly receptive…but not feeling it so much. Maybe she thinks Im gonna be just another chode. I’m just trying to occupy the brunette for a little bit, while Achilles talks to his chick. Now the reason I’m proud of this set in particular was not because of kino…but because I realized that I’m getting comfortable with congruence tests. For example, I just previously mentioned that she wasnt very receptive to me. That’s fine. So after the hat compliment, I ask her where she’s from…simple chode question. She gives me a hesitant look and says “…around”. Like the type of look that reads “Ugh…what does this guy want from me?” I’m starting to love these stupid girl responses because I completelty play off of it like I’m oblivious to her shit. I then get really excited but completely sarcastic, and go “wow…I love Around….I havent been there in a few years….blah blah blah”. As soon as I did that, the brunette and even the blonde friend who was spectating for a little start cracking up…and all of a sudden….scenario has changed. No longer just another guy. She comes more interested in me. Unfortunately, we left the bar soon after,…so I cant really reflect on the situation more. I was just happy that I’m becoming more quick witted and less reactive to these tests. Back in the day, I would’ve mentally freaked out for the way she was being….but now I think…how can I turn this around and make it fun? How can I turn her stupid comment into something positive? I’m loving the ping ponginess.

Last bar we go to….I’m tired and slightly drunk at this point. This bar has a lot of Indians in it…but theyre all HOT. I notice a really goregous Indian on the dance floor with her friends…and we make eye contact a few times. I know her from somewhere…but I cant put my finger on it. The next morning…I realize that she was at an accounting seminar I attended like 2 months ago….and I still back then and now didnt have the balls to approach her haha. I really regret not talking to her, but she seemed to be occupied dancing with all her guy and girlfriends. I shouldn’t really make this an issue anymore…because she might not even have a boyfriend. I was pist the next morning….because I knew her from before. It was so perfect to run into her again….and I dropped the ball.

Sunday night I stayed on LI with my sister. We were gonna stay in, but her friend had called and asked me and her to go to a bar with her. Last minute plans ensue and we head out with a few of my childhood friends. Didnt really approach anyone….wasnt the point tonight. My sister has been going through some shit…so I just wanted her to have a great time. And she did :-). We all get bombed. Laughs and good times commence. I end up making out with this kinda chubby girl at the end of the night. Cute face though and awesome personality. The only reason why I post about this night because I realized that with a strong solid frame you can really say anything. I’m talking with the chubbiness for a while…making jokes and getting to know each other. At this point, I’m really drunk (probably made her look better lol)….and convo right before makeout goes like this…

Me: Hey do you have herpes or any other STDs?
Her: hahaha no why would you ask me that?
Me: Shit…It’s just that I really wanted herpes….so I hoping you had them.
Her: haha you’re really crazy
Me: Well if you did have herpes…I would’ve just been like this (grabs head and makes out)

Yeaaaa….I was such a high state that night…I dont really even know why I said all that, but it was two things 1) PURE self amusement 2) emotionally spiked. This was def the weirdest and most hilarious way ive ever transitioned to a makeout…and I loved it. :sigh: why cant i always be like this?

Anyway….I’m going to read Mastery by George Leonard….and sometime during the week, I’ll write my review and opinions of it. Latersssss


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