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LR: Old Friends

Posted by fredfierce on July 31, 2008

I’ve known this chick for a few years now. Backstory: Years ago, one of my part time jobs was working at a movie theater. I became good friends with the manager, who was good friends with the owner’s daughter. So I’ve known her (owners daughter) for a few years but nothing ever happened between us. There was flirting, but I never took it to the next level. My manager friend had a huge crush on her, even though he didnt stand a chance. Even though she wanted me, I decided no-go because of my friend.

Anyway…for a good year or so later, we stopped talking. Our social circle kinda went its own ways, so there was never problems between me and her. Fast forward to a week or so ago, we begin to text each other again, and agree to hang out soon.

So tonight, I decide to get together with her. She ended up buying a new car a few weeks ago, so I told her to come pick me up so I can get a ride in the new wheels, and we’ll take it from there.

She arrives at my house around 9:30. When I get out of the house, she comes out of my car and asks me how I like the car. I claw her immeadiately and compliment the car, and to tell her how cute she looks tonight.

We end up driving for a good hour, just vibing the fuck out. Remencising about the fun times we had years ago, and how our lives are now, and where theyre going. We’re having a great time…I’m making her laugh a lot with my dry humor (no try hardness). I’m teasing her…and dropping little sexual comments here and there. I wanna call them sexual landmines. Eventually I bring up the fact that back in the day, I thought she was really sexy (still do), and that I really wanted something with us to happen, but I was a dipshit for caring what the friend thought. She agreed also that she wanted me to make a move badly, and that she still thought I was cute. It’s on…..

So I end up making her drive to a secluded place. Dont ask, just tell her to. It’s a really popular bay area with a golf course and all, but at night…no one is around and its dark. I end up finding a pair of handcuffs in her middle console (she works in security), and I tell her that I’m gonna use these on her one day. She laughs and slightly agrees…almost as if she didnt expect me to say that. Sexual intent. Emotional spike.

So she parks….and there’s is a few seconds awkward silence…as if someone is waiting for something to happen. So I say “come here”…grab the back of her head, and makeout with her. She says she feels uncomfortable messing around in a car, and asks me if theres anyplace nearby to go. I tell her that we could drive to a nearby motel, but that I dont have enough money on me. She says she def doesnt mind paying for the room, but theres no way she can mess around in a car. I could’ve been unreactive and just forced the situation at hand to go down, but in this case, it would really ruin the vibe. I want her to feel comfortable, and considering that shes DTF anyway, I might as well wait for a motel room…

10 minutes later… to the motel…..glory ensues.

I throw her on the bed and dominate the hell out of her. She goes crazy for this, and even says shit like “I’m such a bad girl, baby”. I pull her hair and take my other hand and wrap it around her neck. She loves every bit of it. Afterwards, she says that no one has ever been like that to her before.

After we finish….we just chill for a while….having a deep conservation. It was awesome to be able to talk to someone on that level and not feel like I’m going over their head. Anyway, we leave….she drops me home…and I promise to pay for the room for the next round.

Being sexual and dominant is fun. I’m still getting used to it, and at times, I feel weird doing it….but it’s becoming fun as hell. My goal is to just make a conscious effort to be a sexual and dominant guy….even if it comes off creepy, because eventually it will just become a part of me and wont be so creepy.

Anyway…I’m off to bed. Wasn’t any major epihanies, but I thought I should post this to show myself how I’m progressing since bootcamp.


One Response to “LR: Old Friends”

  1. thewarlock said

    when you sent me the text last night I was talking to my buddy Love Pirate, I got the text and we were both jumping up and down going YES! ALRIGHT!!

    You rock dude, cant wait to hang this weekend

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