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LR: First Bar Pull Ever

Posted by fredfierce on July 27, 2008

Originially I was supposed to head into the city to tear it up with Warlock last night (sorry bro….next weekend for sure when I’m not a broke fuck lol).

Instead I head out with a close guy friend and girl friend of mine. We head to a strip of bars, and play a few games of beerpong. Tonight, I’m having a great night. I’m rockin out to the music, and just being a fuckin idiot with my friend. First time in a while that I’m self amusing instead of trying so hard. I had a chody Friday night, so I just wanted to have fun tonight and not worry about anything.

A game or two in, I spot a pretty cute girl near me with a tattoo that looks like the math symbol Pi. I decided to go up to her to compliment her tattoo, excusing her of being a hardcore nerd. Turns out its a Chinese symbol for strength. Right from the start, I’m teasing and flirting with her, and seems pretty receptive to it. I high five her, but hold her hand a little longer than usual. I’m just feeling sexual with her and enjoying her prescence. Her and her friend end up walking off to go to the bathroom, and I dont think much of it at all. I continue playing beerpong, and start talking to this hot cougar. Turns out shes married, but I stay unreactive and keep talking to her anyway. The connection isn’t there, and I feel weird hitting on a married woman, so I decided to leave to go smoke a cigarette.

I go outside with my two friends to smoke when I see the cute girl from earlier walk outside. I really want to fuck her by the end of the night. Something inside me just snaps. I know that we had a little bit of a connection earlier in the night… not through our words, but just the vibe and the subcommunications. So I go up to her and claw her and start back flirting with her. I get to know her a little better. Turns out she’s from CT visiting her for the weekend and she’s leaving tomorrow. She’s sort of a hippie chick. Doesn’t really dress to impress, very much into nature and the environment.

By this point, the escalation is increasing more and more…but not in a obvious way. We end up holding hands, and she’s touching my muscles and asking how many days I work out a week. She invites me back to her beach house at the end of the night to party more, and at this point it’s pretty much assumed that she’s DTF. Fuckin tourists. I end up getting her number because me and my friends are about to bounce. She seems slightly disappointed that I’m going to leave so soon….so I pull her in close and start making out with her. After we stop, she says “Well…we can go back to my beach house now, it’s pretty close”…..

Um dont have to ask me twice. I claw her and walk past my friends back to her place. As soon as we get there, I grab her by the hair and start making out with her hardcore. She’s loving my dominance….and I love it too. For the next half hour, I own this chick. She even says in the middle of it, “I’ll do anything you want”. Fuck….alright lol After we finish, she walks into the bathroom to fix herself up again and she yells “God…I LOVE VACATIONS!!”

….Well I love girls on vacation

We walk back to the bar…find our friends, and I never see her for the rest of the night. This all occurred within an hour timespan. Ends up on the walk back to the bar that she’s 28 years old…and I’m only 22. I never had something like this happen ever. We just part ways as if nothing never happened. No attachment….just a quick fuck. I’m fine with that and I’m fuckin pumped. Take a shot of Cuervo with my friends and we’re off to another bar.

I talk to a guy I know later in the night, who was trying to get with the same chick earlier in the night. He pulls me aside…confused….and explains that he was chillen with that same girl for an hour and a half before I got there….even went into his car to smoke up. He asked me what I did to fuck her. That’s when it hit me, and what Saad was telling me all of bootcamp weekend. It was all in the dominance and escalation. That was the deal breaker. Simple as that. This kid is a better looking guy than me, taller, all that. He’s actually a pretty social and chill guy as well. But I made things happen and he didnt. This was a huge realization for me. I took it to the next step when he didn’t. Wow….how nuts is that….

Anyway, my friends and I hit up another bar and we hit up the dance floor. A two set of black girls see me dancing, and they love it. Pale white guy being complimented on his skills by black chicks….fuckin a. So I grab the cuter of the two and start grinding with her. She shakes that ass the only way a black girl knows. I pull her in, grab by the back of her head and start making out with her. She loves it. I end up going to grab a water, and get her number before I leave. My friends want to leave who are my ride, and I decide to call it a night.

Btw….throughout the nights, I do open about 5 other sets, especially the majority of them on the dance floor but most of them are dragged away by their friends. Oh well….At least I pushed myself and take a shot.

This is my first time since joining all this that I had a bar pull. I wasn’t trying to impress her, and I didn’t try hard at all. It all seemed pretty easy and natural. I came in with no outcome dependence and just enjoyed the girl for her, not for the game.

It’s been a week since bootcamp, and I already pulled a girl. I would’ve never thought this would happen, especially so quickly. I wanna thank Saad for throwing in the right direction, and I’m gonna try to keep this momentum going.


2 Responses to “LR: First Bar Pull Ever”

  1. thewarlock said

    Fucking A!!! Yes! I so want to give you the biggest high 5, in fact heres the internet hight five FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIVVVVEEEEE!!!

  2. Congratulations on your first bar pull, I agree that dominance and escalation are key.

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