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FR: Asian Cuisine

Posted by fredfierce on July 12, 2008

Tonight was another fun night again…took the train over to NYC to bar hop with one of my best friends (Mike), his gf, and a bunch of her friends. We hit up a couple of bars down on W. 17th Street but its all dead and very calm tonight. The girls that we are with are cool, but very superficial and indecisive. They like the guys with the money, who roll into the bar with their white collar work clothes on. I’ve got piercings, and usually dress casual rocker type, so I guess they’re not as receptive to me. All were cute girls, and once I get better in this game, a factor like this shouldnt affect me….

After much debate of where to go, we end up at a bar in Greenwich Village called Fiddlesticks. Dance/pop music….low lighting….crowded with plenty of hotties = The ideal place for Phred to enjoy himself.

I start talking it up with one of the white collar guys, who actually turns out to be a cool mofo. He’s an investment banker, but he’s got a great personality, and I can see why the girls are receptive to him.

After a little bit of chatter, I go to the bar to get a drink. It’s a circular bar, and I get a nice view of the hotties tonight. I realize how many awesome hot chicks that are there. I’m like DAMNNNN, I’m so happy to be here right now with so many hotties, and enjoying the night with one of my best friends. When I’m in this environment, my WOOO! explodes like a motherfucka. Jesus Christ, about a half a year ago, this place would’ve sucked me in and ate me alive, but NOW….I CRAVE these places.

Anyway back on track. I’m smiling…and having a great time when I notice this cute little asian chick looking in my direction smiling back. With a dimly lit environment, I’m thinking….nahhh it must be my imagination. She even puckers her lips at me…and now I think….this is just too good to be true. Five seconds after that, a guy rolls in next to her and tries to flirt with her but gets quickly shot down. Alright….its on!

So I grab my drink and go back to my buddy. Although I’m having a great time, that chick is in the back of my head. I tell him what happened, and he pushes me to find her. Not two seconds after we discuss this, I see the cute asian girl “casually” walking past us….as if we just happened to cross paths ;-). I spot whats going on…and as she walks by, I grab her by the arm, throw a little devilish smile, and say “Hey who are you?” I think her name is Angel idk. I claw her IMMEDIATELY, and bring her in close to hear her over the music. I talk in her ear, and when she speaks, I pull her into me instead of leaning to her. She’s totally submissive, and I’m really owning this chick.

She has a heavy accent, and with the combination of that and the loud music (kinda a problem for me in general), it’s VERY hard to understand what she’s saying. Appearantely, from what I made out, she moved to this country a half a year ago. She’s not like most asian girls though. She’s very physically open and displays her sexually pretty damn well. Maybe it was the booze that forced it out of her lol.

My physical escalation starts right away, and this has become one of my best qualities in the field. I’m not afarid to be physical, and even Jeffy said it best himself…YOU CANT GET BLOWN OUT BY OVERESCALATING!

I lead her over to a corner of the bar and start asking fluff questions and cracking jokes. Unfortunately, I dont really make out muchof what she is saying, but I know shes very into me. I locked in lazer eyes and shes got that triangular gaze. I can say the dumbest shit, but I keep my body language very sexual, and she knows what my intentions are. I keep the claw on her, and place my hand on the back of her neck.

I then tell her “You’re really fuckin cute”…and kiss her on the forehead. She giggles and puts her head into my chest. Then I grab her hair in the back of her head and start making out with her. On a sidenote: I’m beginning to see how to be playfully dominant. Grabbing her hair the way I did was very dominanting, and girls have been more receptive and submissive to me when I do this. It’s such a good way of displaying the caveman in you without making it so obvious (like throwing her around, etc). I’m not wanking on her hair, but I’m grabbing on to it…to show my control over her without being ALL over her.

I’m all up on her in the corner. Making out, Grabbing the hair, touching her body all over, her leg wrapped around mine. She’s DTF for sure. I say “Let’s go”…and I lead her upstairs where the bathrooms are. I want to bring her in but shes too hesitant to do that. I guess she would feel like a slut if she did that. Oh well. I’m not a city guy, as I live on Long Island, so I dont really know how or where to pull her out. I’m sure I could’ve used my imagination but my friend told me that we had to go in 5 minutes to catch our train.

I tell her that I have to get back to my friends, that she was a really cool and fun chick, and that I was very happy to have met her tonight. She seems a little down that I’m going, but thats life.

Overall: I’m proud to be making progress and pushing myself whenever I’m out. I’ve even been opening up in the daytime, complimenting girls and flirting with them. The big thing about tonight’s FR was bodylanguage and subcommunication. My hearing sucks and my voice projection isnt amazing…so with that, and the mild language barrier bwteen me and this chick….I’m having to rely on my BL and SC more. This is so key to my progress, and I notice that girls are more receptive to these things anyway instead of just the words that come out of your mouth.

QUESTION!!!!: I’m at a crosswords of sorts, and maybe RSDN guys can give some input. My style has been to just go out with my friends and have the best time I can. If I see a girl interested, or if there’s someone that I find interesting…then I do what I have to do and let the chips fall as they may. I dont really do massive approaching, and I’m not out to “work on my game” or go out sarging like some people do. I just see what I want, and try to take it. I guess I do this to not pressure myself or outcome dependent.

So my question is….as an inexperienced guy…is this mindset okay to have?? I feel as a semi new guy in this game (about 3-4 months in) I should be approaching massively, only because that’s what most guys go through. I see the point in doing so; to get the reference experiences and to push myself out of my comfort zone. Anyway…I’d love to hear your opinions because I truly value the respect and knowledge that is brought to the forum.

Anyway guys, tonight is another bar night…and who knows what that will bring. Ofcourse leave feedback/comments/criticism…I’m a spounge…willing to learn. Peace


2 Responses to “FR: Asian Cuisine”

  1. Warlock said

    good luck this friday. Dont forget me when you become a pimp!

  2. rudey said

    Kick ass Fred! I really don’t have any great advice on whether to approach or not but I can tell you my experience. Personally, I’m not that into clubs but I go to them at least 2x a week because there are SO MANY girls to approach. The more I approach girls and escalate, the more I learn about male/female interactions. So for me, I approach as much as I can to learn as much as I can about how girls work and also go get more comfortable leading the frame and being dominant. Just my 2 cents..

    Love these reports!!! Keep em coming and call me anytime bro.

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