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FR: 1st Cold Approach Makeout

Posted by fredfierce on July 10, 2008

So before joining the world of RSD, 95% of my hookups came through my social circle. I’m sure everyone can relate, blah blah blah. Since I’ve started to invest in myself (ie: purchasing blueprint, signing up for upcoming bootcamp), I’ve decided to stop doing social circle hook ups, and hooking up with girls that are below my standards.

FR: 7/8/08
So me and two of my close friends (non community) end up to this club in our town. 18 and over bar/club….plenty of hot slutty girls.

When we arrive at the club, its FUCKIN DEAD! Like 20 people in this huge club. We’ve been here before so we know it’s going to pick up hardcore within a half an hour. In the meantime, we walk around, smoke some cigarettes, and chat with some people that we know.

Eventually the place gets CROWDED and the swarm of hot girls appear in front of my very eyes. I decide to ditch my friends to hit the dance floor. Here…I feel free and expressive. At times, I just close my eyes…and feel the music through my body. I dont give a fuck out there. Why? It’s my physical way of being free and expressive. After a logisitic day of accounting (my profession), it feels good to just let go.

While I’m out there, I spot a group of girls that I’m pretty friendly with, and who I see regularly at most of the places I venture. I stroll in the middle of their circle, and start dancing and grinding up on them. They love it…and even one girl in the group likes it a lot. She starts grabbing the buckle hoop on my jeans, while making HUGE eye contact with me. I get a sense of what she wants, but unfortunately I dont really find her attractive. She’s really a 5 in my mind, and I could easily make out with her on the spot and maybe even pull her later. I realize this can be a problem because I dont want to lead her on. So after awhile, the group decides to go outside for awhile, which is good, because I want to go find my friends….

I walk around for a while…just feeling awesome in general…with that quiet little smile inside that Tim says is mental WOO! I’m just having a great time, and even though I’m away from my friends, I am comfortable in my own body. I notice that girls become receptive to this. You get the long stares, or the little smiles. Whatever I feel, they feel…

So anyway, I eventually find my friends to see that they are talking to a group of 4 girls. Alright…sweet. So I walk in hard with a smile, claw one of my buddies and say in a positive dominant fashion, “Hey whats up man? How about you introduce me to your friends?” After I get introduced, I vibe/flirt a little bit with 3 of the four girls and they are loving me.

All of a sudden, the hottest one of the group (8 out of 10) comes over to me real close. So I automatically claw her, and start talking to her in her ear. The physicalicity starts right away, and she is smiling, laughing, and enjoying my presence. She starts asking me random questions like if I have any tattoos, to which I show her my back tattoo. She is def seeking rapport with me, and we begin making sexual comments. For example, one of her friends touched her ass and she asks me “Did you just touch my ass?” in a surprised, and slightly aggitated way. I stay unreactive and say “No….but when I do…you’ll remember”. She responds with a big smile on her face.

After all this, I know its on. It’s all about me and her now, and our bubble of love has been generated. We forget about our group of friends, and its just US now. Back in the day, I would’ve just talked and talked with her…maybe even throw a PURPOSELESS HAND OF DOOM…but instead…..

What do I do now? I pull her in to me and pull out the KEYLOCK OF GLORY!! I brush her cheek with my mouth and say into her ear “We gotta do dance now”….She says “Okay”……so without saying anything to my friends or her friends, I grab her hand and drag her off to the dance floor.

When we get there, I put my hands all over her. She tells me earlier that she was really big a few years ago and dropped a lot of weight since then. So out on the dancefloor, I put my hand on all the places on her body….her waist, stomach, arms…just to let her know using my touch that she looks really good, and that she can be completely comfortable and secure with me.

As we dance for a little, I pull her in real close…and sniff her hair and neck…and then give her neck a quick little kiss. Then I come up and kiss her cheek. She flinches a little….not out of objection, but because she did not expect it. A second later when she registers this in her mind….I go in for the makeout and she definately obeys.

She makes out with me hard (not a great kisser btw), and I’m touching her all over. After awhile, I start to feel slightly uncomfortable making out in front of everyone on the dance floor, althoguh I stay dominant and unreactive on the outside. I say “We’ll go somewhere” and drag her off the dance floor before she can answer. We go to a quieter area with couches….sit down and make her sit on my lap where the makeout and gropping continues….

Afterwards, I start to over think. Now im processing how I’m gonna get her home and fuck her. I never had a ONS or a club pullout so I try to process how I want it to go down ie. logisitics and all that. WRONG MOVE! I know this now. I should just let the chips fall as they may, and worry about this once we leave. After awhile, we go back to her friends, and become less talkative and physical. Why? Because I become too much in my head. The mood between us starts to die. As you can guess, our bubble of love has burst, and after awhile, she begins to talk/flirt with another guy. I see this…dont get mad though…but respond by dancing hardcore with her friends hoping she would get jealous. Doesnt work lol. ANOTHER LESSON TO BE LEARNED! I shouldnt’ve done this. I should have been alpha in this situation, and to take what was mine back. Ohwell…lesson learned….

Overall: I’m excited to get back in the field. I’ll probably go to a bar tonight. I’m proud of how I handled myself for the majority of the night. I was dominant, majorly physical, and was LEADING. It felt so good to lead a girl instead of the other way. If you look closely, I bet that you RARELY see a guy lead a girl so dominantly…and I just felt so powerful doing this. I can guarantee that she enjoyed being with a man who took action and took what he wanted when he wanted it at the time.

This has been and will become more congruent with me as time goes on. I’m a big muscular guy, and being congruent as a dominant physical guy is going to do wonders for me.

If anyone has any feedback/comments/criticism/bashing lol…that would be awesome and I’d love to hear it. I’m just trying to get better at this…and anything received would be awesome…



One Response to “FR: 1st Cold Approach Makeout”

  1. Mission PUA said

    Congratulation on your 1st cold approach make out. It’s important to just have fun with this, which you are doing, great job.

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