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FR: Pre Bootcamp – Week 1 Night 2 (6/21/08)

Posted by fredfierce on June 25, 2008

I went out with one of my best friends and a few of his frat brothers that he graduated with. We hit some local bars and such. I only approached one set the entire night, and I’m kinda disappointed in that. The interaction itself went pretty well. But I should’ve done more.

My long lasting problem is that whenever I hit the bar or club, my WOOO! is full blast. So, its really like 90% WOOO and 10% intent. I see plenty of girls that I would love to go over and approach, but I stifle up.

This is got to stop and it will. I didn’t want to write this entry, and I kinda avoided it for a few days. But, I promised myself to write down all my FRs prior to bootcamp. I will be going out Thurs night, and I will push myself.




One Response to “FR: Pre Bootcamp – Week 1 Night 2 (6/21/08)”

  1. Mission PUA said

    The more you do approaches the easier it gets.

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