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This weekend

Posted by fredfierce on June 8, 2008

This weekend has been a good step in the right direction in terms of my progress with women. After experiencing some shitty AA on Tues night, I called up my Chicago buddy, Rudey, for some inspiration and to make me snap out of this weird funk.

Nothing life changing happened this weekend. No makeouts or f closes, but I felt a lot more comfortable talking to women at the bars…opening them. The hardest thing for me is the initial opening. I’m sure a lot of guys have the same problem. Once I’m in, I’m fuckin great. I can easily make girls laugh, become physical, etc. A major goal of mine this weekend with getting over that AA of opening up sets. I feel like I did well with doing so. I danced with a few girls, and some numbers.

One thing I did notice is the lack of leading that men do. I can’t even tell you how many times I see girls leading guys around the club. Leading is one of the main traits of a man, and I’ve been seeing so many guys not doing this.

Anyway, I;ve been doing a horrible job updating this thing, and I’m going to make it an absolute point to write up a FR the next morning/afternoon after going out. That way I can accurately described my encounters better, so I can learn from them and people who read this can give me feedback.

I’m also going back to the gym….because I want abs damnit lol. Seriously, I’ve dropped drinking at bars, aside from a bar or two socially, and I feel like it would be a great time to drop about 20 pounds this summer.


3 Responses to “This weekend”

  1. Warlock said

    Hey Dude,

    We really need to hang out, give me a call when you want to hang, as always I will be sarging this friday and saturday.


  2. fredfierce said

    Hell yea Dave…like I said on your FR….i’m kicking myself now for missing your birthday lol. So I’ll have to drag my ass out to the city some weekend soon.

  3. John~ said


    It’s fred 2.0 time, come join me in self-transformation.

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