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The Birthday Girl

Posted by fredfierce on June 3, 2008

Quick little field report because I’m at work typing this, and I don’t have much time to waste. So here it goes…

It’s funny how nights you can take interesting twists and turns when you least expect it. I didn’t plan to go out last night. I had an awesome cardio workout, layed around after, and watched some wrestling. I was about to get ready to work when I get a text from my friend Jill. She was throwing a party at her house for her friend Gilya, who is also pretty good friends with me. I really didn’t want to go, but I was hoping that there would be some decent girls there to game, so off I went.

I would rank Gilya as a 7. She is a really cute girl, with a lot of positivity and good energy, which I love. Me and her have always had this sexual tension between us that I never acted on back in the day. I acted like a chode because I didn’t permit myself to do so. No more of that, fuck that shit.

Throughout the night, we were flirting a lot, and created the bubble of love between us. We roleplayed as bf/gf, and she was loving it. Throughout this roleplay, I half-jokingly said, “I don’t think I can say in public  all the naughty things I’d do to you.” As soon as I said that, something must’ve snapped in her mind, because she got very interested in this. Then she says, “Well how about you tell me in my ear?” with a huge smile on her face. BAM! Window of opportunity arises and its on. Lazer eyes…triangular gaze….BOOM makeout. Surprisingly, she really got into it considering all these people were around.

She texted me on my way home saying what I did was really hot, and that we should chill again soon. She invited me over to her house to watch a movie and bake me cookies. cookies + getting down = happy fred.

Making progress since the superconference. I would’ve never been this open and flirty with a girl back in the day. Back then, I would’ve acted like a chode…flirted a little…beat around the bush and all that shit. Still a little hesitant and uncomfortable doing what I did tonight, but I noticed that it’s becoming easier than it was a week or so ago. Ever since superconfernce, my dominant side has seemed to have broken out of its cave. I also noticed that if you don’t sound like a creep or trying for a reaction, you can basically get away with almost anything, and not get really blown out. I guess it’s true that girls want to be taken…they just want a guy who has the balls and core confidence to do it.

Tonight, I’m going to this club with a bunch of people I know. I normally wouldn’t go to this place…a lot of guidos hang out there, and assholes who like to start shit. But I know they’ll be a lot of hot girls there, and they want to be taken too. I will also try to make my FRs more detailed than this for next time.



2 Responses to “The Birthday Girl”

  1. johnrsd said

    I am so proud.

    Stay awesome. You’ll find the epiphanies come not in golden moments of trumpets, but in those quiet times when you’re not trying to have an epiphany. (I have an awful lot of them while in the shower, or taking out the trash.)

    Kick ass.

  2. rudey said

    I loved this…”Girls want to be taken…they just want a guy who has the balls and core confidence to do it.”

    This has been one of my biggest epiphanies also. The more I actually man up, the more surprised I am with how much it really works. Keep it up bro!!!

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